Design a character game?

Question by Charisma: Design a character game?
Does anyone know any fun, free, and zero-download games where you get to design a character but also do fun stuff? (Like besides just chat….) I’ve already done Poptropica, Meez, Adventure Quest (and all those other things similar to Adventure Quest, there’s a zillion of them), that one on, and I feel like trying sometime new. Suggestions?

Remember: FREE. ZERO DOWNLOAD. And hopefully there’s actually good clothing options if you don’t want to buy a membership. Well, thanks. 😀 Anything vampirey would be cool, but I don’t care if you can’t find anything like that. I also hate those games where all you do is click on plots of land and build and that’s called “fun”.

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Answer by 丂ム刀イム ロア乇尺ム ズ尺ム刀乙ᄊム丂 「5 ᄊロ つムリ丂 イノレ くん尺ノ丂イᄊム丂!」
It’s all up to you. You can play Runescape or World of Warcraft or Rift…

Good luck!

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