What are some really good roll-playing online games?

Question by Beautiful Disaster: What are some really good roll-playing online games?
Ok so, I’m at a loss here. I LOVE the internet, but I mostly love it’s many roll-playing games. Now I say there are many, but I only know a few (a list of websites and their flaws): Toontown (been there; done that), Clubpenguin (got banned for life…), Poptropica (can’t type to others online), Virtual Families (I’d have to pay to play for more that an hour), LunaOnline (viruses), FreeRealms (too many glitches), Webkinz (it’s for little kids), Planet Cazbo (people are REALLY ugly…).
I need some really, seriously great roll-playing websites ASAP.
Requirements: Completely Free (Including getting money for player to buy items and membership etc.) – Virus Free – The Ability To Custom Your Character And Walk Around A Virtual World And Type To Other Players – FUN – Appropriate for thirteen-year-olds but not TOO appropriate… – Easy, Fast Downloads (or even better: no download) – no icons that stay on your desktop.

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Answer by dewizzle
runescape! naw just kiddin but you could try knight online or flyff. I’ve never played em but ive heard of them and if you dont have to play online a good rpg game is mount and blade which has a nice trial.

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  1. Numbuh One says:

    Quest for good online games has finally ended! The Pokemon Moon RPG has now a new Version 1.2X and definitely the BEST and highest played online game. You don’t even have to download it! It is 100% FREE and completely safe. It host a variety of unique stuffs. It has a C-box that lets u contact and trade, talk or bid with other users!

    If u want to join the site u may go to:

    It’s a fantastic virtual world of Pokemon and my favorite!

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