Do you play Poptropica?

Question by DRACO, you gosh darn lil poo-face: Do you play Poptropica?

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Answer by Kylee Meng
Yes, I do and I think it’s a lot of fun if you like quests.

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2 Responses to “Do you play Poptropica?”

  1. michella rivera_01 says:

    Yes, Almost many thousands of people play Poptropica.Because Poptropica is fun and safe for kids,teens,and adults.Poptropica has many games,islands that includes quests.There are many Islands in Poptropica.Including: Quests,Characters,Fun Games,Collectibles,Medals (You can earn em by completing the quests.) Islands: Early Poptropica,Nabooti Island,Reality TV Island,Mythology Island,Shark Tooth Island,Wild West Island,Astro Knights Island,Spy Island,Wimpy Wonderland, And the new Magic Treehouse Red Dragon Island!,Time Tangled Island,Cryptids Island,Steamworks Island,Great Pumpkin Island,Skull Duggery Island,Big Nate Island,Superpower Island,24 Carrot Island,and Counterfeit Island. Poptropica is a nice,cute,great graphic game. you can join some of your friends who play Poptropica in their room! you need to have their codes too to join their rooms.Some are Members who Access their Membership by buying a card or buying their membership by true money.Well the non-members can’t access the new Islands (like Magic Treehouse Red Dragon Island.) but the non members can access it after a long time. Thank You

  2. dfoofnik says:

    Okay, its a tough job, but somebody has to do it. šŸ˜€
    Editing, merging, organizing these questions. But most people
    just need the plain old “how do you beat it?”
    I try to get to the ad-games, too, but you know that when they are gone (sniff) they are gone.

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