Poptropica Games

D.C. Diner

Poptropica’s D.C. Diner was released as the official mini-game for Mystery Train island. Here are all of the cheats, secrets, and tips for D.C. Diner.

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Money Ladder

The objective of the Money Ladder mini-game is to make your way up the entire ladder by answering questions. Money Ladder has a total of 12 questions, separated into 4 rounds. There are a total of 9 categories, and every time you move up the ladder you’ll receive a different category question. The questions may or may not be about Poptropica, so we recommend referring to our Questions and Answers list if you’re having trouble with some of the tough ones.

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Shrink Shot

Shrink Shot, a Poptropica Game, was released as the “sneak preview” of Shrink Ray Island. Its popularity quickly grew, making it amongst one of Poptropica’s most popular games. Below is the entire written and video walkthrough on how to play Shrink Shot.

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Spook Central

The Poptropica creators released a new mini-game yesterday (November 21, 2011) as a part of Ghost Story island. In the Spook Central mini-game, you’ll find yourself in a room with a woman who’s lost 5 ghosts.

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