Poptropica Cheats for D.C. Diner

Poptropica’s D.C. Diner was released as the official mini-game for Mystery Train island. Here are all of the cheats, secrets, and tips for D.C. Diner.


Poptropicans are all getting ready to board the train to the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893! Before they hop on the train, they want to grab a quick bite to eat at the D.C. Diner!

How to Play

The objective of D.C. Diner is to serve the Poptropicans that are about to board the Mystery Train. You will have a time limit, and every time you’ve successfully served someone, you’ll get additional time depending on what shift you’re playing. As you get further in the game, the harder it gets and the less seconds add on after every successful serve.


In D.C. Diner, there are five upgrades. After every successful shift that you complete, you’ll get the option to choose an additional upgrade (for the next shift). For example, after completing 1 shift, you will get the option to choose only one of the upgrades available. When you successfully complete the second shift, you’ll get the option to choose two of the upgrades available. Here are the upgrades available in D.C. Diner.


Choosing the “Hostess” upgrade will enable a lady to seat people for you.

Fast Drinks

Choosing the “Fast Drinks” upgrade will enable fast drink serving. It will take almost twice the normal speed to pour drinks such as Root Beer, Soda, and Coffee.

Large Serving Tray

Enabling the “Large Serving Tray” upgrade will allow you to carry multiple items on to your serving tray.


When you choose the “Busboy” upgrade, a Poptropican (the Busboy) will wash the dirty dishes for you.

Fast Cook

Enabling the “Fast Cook” upgrade will allow your chef to put more orders on at once, in addition to getting them done a lot quicker.


One huge thing to look out for in D.C. Diner are the VIP’s. Everytime you successfully serve a VIP, you’ll earn an item that will be stored into your inventory. Here are all five items from five different VIP’s that you can earn through out D.C. Diner.

  • Edison Light Bulb
  • Mark Twain Haircut
  • Magician’s Hat
  • Eiffel Tower Hat
  • Tesla Coil

D.C. Diner Video Walkthrough

Below is the entire video walkthrough of D.C. Diner, separated into two parts. This video shows me obtaining all five VIP items and unlocking the ability to choose all 5 upgrades in one shift.

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