Poptropica Cheats for Shrink Shot

Shrink Shot, a Poptropica Game, was released as the “sneak preview” of Shrink Ray Island. Its popularity quickly grew, making it amongst one of Poptropica’s most popular games. Below is the entire written and video walkthrough on how to play Shrink Shot.


Let’s first start off with the basics of Shrink Shot. You’ll need to keep these key things in mind before starting a game of Shrink Shot.

  • Hit as many points balls as you can to receive a higher score, perhaps maybe even beating Shark Boy’s.
  • The balls with arrows labelled on them will not only give you points, but change the direction in which you’re going in.
  • Hitting certain items, such as toys and bottles, will unlock hidden prizes.
  • For Members: You’ll get extra upgrades, making it easier to get points and gain more prizes.

How to Play

When you’re done reading the instructions, you will start off in a cannon. Remember that the more points balls that you hit, the better the chance that you will unlock items.


In total (member items included), there are five items plus the magical snow globe to unlock. Here’s a run down on all of the items.

Hard Helmet

The Hard Helmet upgrade is unlocked at 40,000 points. This is quite easy, you’ll just need to hit a bunch of arrow-labelled balls.

Bounce Ball

The Bounce Ball — unlocked at 60,000 points — will allow you to bounce higher, thus reaching to new levels of height during the game.

Propeller Hat

The Propeller Hat upgrade can be obtained at 80,000 points. The Propeller Hat will allow you to fly higher, making your character bounce higher everytime it hits an object or ball.

Spiked Hard Helmet

The Spiked Hard Helmet is one of the member items, meaning that the general public cannot obtain this item. This item will allow you to bounce even higher than ever before. The Spiked Hard Helmet is considered a power-up in the game of Shrink Shot.

Spiked Bounce Ball

The Spiked Bounce Ball — obtained at 200,000 points — is the ultimate power-up in the game of Shrink Shot. If you have this item, the game will basically play itself. Unfortunately, it is a members-only item and cannot be unlocked by the general public.

Snow Globe

In addition to the five upgrades, members can also obtain a Magical Snow Globe. This Magical Snow Globe — when unlocked and turned on — can make your Poptropican flash with sparkles. Note that you can only unlock the Magical Snow Globe when you have already unlocked all of the five upgrades, because of its height and difficulty.

Shrink Shot Video Walkthrough

Below is the entire video walkthrough of Shrink Shot. This video shows me unlocking all five upgrades and the Magical Snow Globe.

What do you think of Shrink Shot? Have you beaten Shark Boy’s score? Leave a comment on our Poptropica story entitled Shrink Shot.

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  1. infjsinger says:

    This is a epic guide,! šŸ™‚

  2. Jackson says:

    what are all the items you can get? grape gum, crayons, etc.

  3. joseph says:

    The rewards are as follows:
    -Crayons………….(allows you to change other player’s color)
    -Grape Gum………..(same as normal store gum except it is purple)
    -Soda Bottle………(can be placed and shaken so that pop bubbles go everywhere, can also be equipped)
    -Balloon………….(blue balloon with a picture of a shrink ray on it)
    -Magical Snow globe..(Sparkle power! when used makes your player sparkle)
    Your welcome people I just felt like sharing because of the above comment BTW I’ve unlocked all of these except the sparkle power because I’m not a member.

  4. Renzkie5 says:

    hahahahah i get it all not to do that…I customize the character of veterans kids…
    CuSTomIzE aNyThINg gLiTcH…ahhaha

  5. hatersloveme4897 says:

    woohoo ive solved it at last!!!!!!

  6. Annabell says:

    I love poptropica. I am a member, and already have these things. But I wanted to know if anyone other than me noticed that when you finish an island, you DONT get credits? Or is it just me ? Please answer me here.

  7. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Me too im a member

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