Poptropica Spook Central Cheats

The Poptropica creators released a new mini-game yesterday (November 21, 2011) as a part of Ghost Story island. In the Spook Central mini-game, you’ll find yourself in a room with a woman who’s lost 5 ghosts.

Spook Central Video Walkthrough


The objective of Spook Central is to bring all of the 5 ghosts to justice. To locate ghosts, look in the Ghost Files that were given to you by the woman. It’ll tell you exactly what islands all five ghosts are located on. To catch a ghost, equip your Plasma Net and either run into the ghost or press the spacebar when you’re up close to one.


Only members can capture all five ghosts. If you’re a non-member, you’ll only be able to capture three of the five ghosts. After that you’ll be directed to talk to the woman in Spook Central. She’ll tell you that only members can proceed with the quest.

Ghost Files

All of the Ghost Files can be found below. This includes their name and location.

Sweet William’s Ghost

Location: Shrink Ray Island.
Room: Main Street.

The Bell Witch

Location: Wild West Island.
Room: Trading Post.

The Brown Lady

Location: Skullduggery Island.
Room: Main Street.

Headless Horseman

Location: 24 Carrot Island.
Room: Factory.


Location: Steamworks Island.
Room: Steamworks Center and Museum.

End Battle

After you’ve successfully located and captured all five ghosts, return to Spook Central. The woman will betray you and attempt to take over Poptropica – starting with you! Simply capture all five ghosts flying around the room within the 60 second timeframe and you’ll win the battle.


If you successfully capture all of the ghosts and defeat the woman at the end, you’ll be rewarded with the members-only Ghost Hunter Suit.

Ghost Hunter Suit

Congratulations, you have successfully beat Spook Central! What did you think of Spook Central? Leave a comment on our Poptropica story entitledĀ Poptropica Spook Central Cheats.

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