Poptropica Cheats for 24 Carrot Island

1. Climb up the rope until you reach the Yellow Poptropica Blimp. Guide the blimp to 24 Carrot Island; it’s in the middle-right of the map.

2. Once you arrive, go left to the Carrot Farm and follow the cat footprints to the top of the house. Go inside the roof. When you are in, pick up the Empty Bowl.

3. Leave the house and go back to Main Street. Go inside the Carrot King Diner. Ask the waiter to fill your Empty Bowl with some milk.

4. Go back to the Carrot Farm and go inside the house again. Once you walk in, place the bowl with milk on the floor.

24 Carrot Island Video Walkthrough

5. Go upstairs, turn left and twist the hot water in the shower. A cat will hop out. Chase him slowly and he will jump down, drink the milk, and follow you outside.

6. Go back to Main Street and go to the right until you see Charlie’s Tools Shop. Go inside and give the women her cat. In return, she will give you a Crowbar.

7. Go right to the Factory and climb up to the top where you see EST 1830. Pick up the blueprints.

8. Go to the bottom right of the Factory and use the crowbar on the tunnel. It will open. Go inside.

9. Pick up the Carrot Transporter as you walk in. You will need it for the end.

10. Jump up and go across the bridge with the falling path. Once you do, go up and go to the left and watch out for the rat! Once you get through, go up.

11. Go left to the Master Engine, to get it running, pull the first handle in the middle, the second handle all the way down, and the third handle in the middle. The factory will then turn on!

12. Go to the right and jump on the crates, go to the left until you see barrels, jump on them then go on the handle object that is moving. Once you get to the end, go inside the vent. You can use your map on the bottom left hand side to find your way through.

13. The first place you want to go to is the Processing Room, find it on your map, its on the bottom left corner of it. Using your map, find your way there. Near the door you will find some Wire Cutters, pick them up and they will go in your backpack. Then exit the vent in the Processing Room.

14. When you arrive, jump down, a teleporting device will teleport you to the Freezer. When you arrive, go to the Security System, and use your Wire Cutters and cut all the wires in the Security System.

15. Jump on the crates and then on the light and go back in the vent. Use your map to find the Printing Room, when you see it, go inside and go through the falling crates, when you get to the bottom, talk to the girl who’s hypnotized. Say: “Hey, what’s that behind you?” She will turn and when she does, turn off the hat.

16. She will then print out a system password. Walk near it to pick it up. It will go in to your backpack.

17. Go back up and in to the vent. Go to the Processing Room. Once you arrive, jump down and you will see a lady. Talk to her and say: “Look out behind you!”. When she looks, turn off her hat.

18. Go to the right and talk to the boy, say: “Look! A flying buffalo!”. When he turns, turn off his hat. Go to the right and click on the Exit door. Your access will be denied and you will fall.

19. Go through the tunnel but don’t get squashed! Go up and pick up the Metal Bunny Ears. They help you blend in as a worker. Put them on and exit. Go through the exit. This time you will not fall.

20. You will see Dr. Hare. Climb up his bit bunny ship until you get to the top and where you see a computer. You will see a boy. Talk to him and say: “Look a giant bunny!”. When he looks back, turn off the hat.

21. Click on the computer and put in the codes. The password is: fuzzybunny. The command is: launch rabbit. The rabbit will launch. Aim it towards the meteorites so his ship gets ruined and you can escape. When you hit 3 meteors, his rabbit explodes.

22. You can leave the factory by using your Carrot Transporter. You have found all the missing kids and 24 Carrot is now light and happy again. Go back to Main Street and talk to the mayor. He will give you the Island Medallion along with 100 credits.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica 24 Carrot Island.

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  1. chloe says:

    The mayor only gave me 50 credits

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    wow i got squashed and i cant move wat the hell someone tell me how to move

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    i cant find the wire cutters and i looked every?!

  9. Paula says:

    The command is launch rabbot not launch rabbit.

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    this was really helpful but what the heck, only 50 credits and he gets 100, that's just not right!!!!!!!!

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    Thumbs up if you like the color drink hair thing!

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    easiest island ever!!

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    this is my room code AYB95

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    TIP: if you’re stuck with the blowing things that push you up move to the side.

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    24 carrot is sooooooooooooooooooo easy right?

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    Have any of u tried jumping on the couch in the farm in 24 carrot?

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    How to get through with the Falling Path the first thing we get through when entering in the tunnel 🙁

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    in the diner i drank the drink stuff and it changed my hair color and i cant turn it back does anyone know how to change it back and im with u guys i only got 50 credits.

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    I didn’t get ANY credits!!!!!

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