Poptropica Cheats for Astro Knights Island

1. Start by hovering your blimp over to your next adventure, Poptropica’s Astro Knights Island. When you’ve arrived on the island, go right until you reach a fountain. Pick up the Golden Coin. Head back left and enter the Museum (the first building). When you’re in the building, talk to the man in purple. He’ll tell you that Museum Access can only be earned via a Golden Coin. You can, however, look at the Museum Pamphlet for free. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Golden Coin.

Astro Knights Island Video Walkthrough

2. He’ll let you look around. Click the books located on the green chair. THe man will tell you that his books cannot be touched, however, he will give you a Library Book Slip. Exit the building, and go right. You’ll soon notice a UFO that’s crashed. Proceed right until you reach the castle. Enter the castle. When you’re in the castle, go right until you reach a door. Click ENTER. When you’ve entered the door, go left all the way to the end and pick up The Mystical Weapons of Arturus.

3. Go back right until you reach stairs. Descend them to the first floor, and go left. Pick up ‘The Life of Mordred: A Cautionary Tale’. Go right a little bit, and click the brick that’s flashing gold on the wall. The ground will open along with stairs. Walk up to the underground entrance and click GO DOWN. When you’re underground, go right a bit and pick up the Moldy Cheese. Proceed right and click the switch.

4. Go back upstairs. You’ll be greeted by three men. One will say that you had no business snooping around down there. Quickly jump over the men, and run to the exit door (right). This time, go left passing the main gate, and stop when you reach the next wooden door. Enter the door, and walk up to the bed. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Moldy Cheese. The mouse will crawl up and eat it. It turns out this mouse is mechanical, and you now have it in your inventory.

5. Walk past the bed and grab the Secret Message located on the Treasure Box. Go left and exit the room. When you’re in the main hall of the castle, go left and climb up the stairs. Go right and until you reach another wooden door. Enter the door, and go right until you reach three people. Click on the queen and select option 3. She’ll hand you coordinates. Head left and exit the room.

6. Climb down to the first floor and exit the castle. Head right until you reach two people around a burnt-out fireplace. Talk to the man in the hood, and he’ll give you a Bag of Manure. Proceed right until you reach a building with a wooden door, entitled ‘Olde Rumour Mille’. Enter the building, and go left. Climb up on to platforms, and jump on to the rope. Slide down the rope and fall. You’ll be on a platform with a lady.

7. Talk to the lady. She’ll tell you to share your secret with her and that she’ll share her secret with you. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Secret Message. She’ll return the favor by handing you Cosmic Symbols. Jump down and exit the building.

8. When you’re outside the building, climb it by jumping on to parts of the windmill. You need to push the windmill until the top of the building opens. When it has, click ENTER. You will now be in the attic. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Bag of Manure. A piece will start floating up. Go back up through the attic. Jump down from the building and go right. Pick up the Coil of Rope located right above the floating piece. Go back left until you reach the entrance of the castle.

9. Jump on to the stairs of the castle, but avoid entering. Jump from the stairs to the window ledge located on the left. Jump from the window ledge to the roof of the building. Go a bit right until you reach the middle of the roof. Now, go in to your inventory and select USE under your Coil of Rope. Your arrow will now work. Point it up at the broken hole in the wall, and shoot. It will fly over to the door and smash in to it. Jump on to the rope and walk across. When you reach the door, click ENTER.

10. When you’re in the room, go all the way left to the back of the room and pick up the Princess’ Note. Exit the room, and jump down to the ground. Head right until you reach the statue in which you found the Gold Coin earlier. Click the base of the statue and examine it. You’ll need to click the planets, but in a certain order. Here’s the order:

  • Click the moon.
  • Click the planet with the ring.
  • Click the star.
  • Click the sun.

11. You should now have access to the secret room. Click GO DOWN. Climb down the rope and walk right until you reach the last person in purple. Talk to him, and he’ll mention that he found a key but doesn’t know what it’s for. He’ll therefore hand you the key.

12. Go left, climb the rope and exit the room. Go left and enter the Museum again. When you’re in the museum, go left and climb up to the second floor. Walk all the way right until you reach the bed. Click under the bed, and you’ll reveal a Missing Page from Mordred’s Journal. Go back down and exit the building.

13. Go all the way right until you reach a haystack. Jump on to the haystack, and walk in to the middle. You’ll split the haystack in half. Push the haystack on the left side the farthest it can go. You’ll uncover a secret entrance in the ground. Turns out, it’s locked. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Small Key. The secret entrance will open. Click GO DOWN.

14. A mechanical item will fly away. Climb back up the rope. When you’re at the surface, go in to your inventory and select USE under your Mechanical Mouse. The Mechanical Bird will eat the mouse. The bird will then become your friend. Go back down the secret entrance. When you’re underground, walk left until you reach a purple book sitting on a green chair. Pick it up, it’s Mordred’s Journal.

15. Continue left. Run into the block and break it. Continue left until you cannot go any further. You will, however, notice another secret entrance on the wall. Click ENTER. You’ll be in the prison that you had seen a while back. The robot will self destruct. Walk up to the prison gate. You’ll notice a Fuel Rod on the floor outside. Click on your Mechanical Bird, and then click on the Fuel Rod. Your Mechanical Bird will then proceed to fly over and pick it up. Now, click on your Mechanical Bird, and then click on yourself. You will now have the Fuel Rod.

16. Go right and exit the prison cell. Proceed all the way right, climb up the rope, and exit the underground secret room. Continue right until you reach the red-flying item. Hop on to it and guide it right. Soon enough, you’ll reach a broken down UFO. Stop there, and hop off. You’ll now be in the UFO system. Here’s how to complete this game:

  • Firstly, replace the broken Fuel Rod with the new one in the bottom-left corner.
  • Now, twist the X Axis nob all the way to 56.
  • Next, twist the Y Axis nob all the way to 52.
  • Click the big LAUNCH button.

17. Your UFO will take off and land on the moon. When you’re on the moon, go right and jump on to a blue-floating platform. Wait for it to reach the top, then click ENTER. You’ll now be in Astrozone. Walk left until you reach a green alien. Talk to him and select option 3. Go right and exit the building. Jump down and walk left until you reach the ‘Create your own Rocket’ booth. Click it. You’ll want a good rocket, so keep clicking random until you find one that suits your needs.

18. Go left and enter your rocket. When you’re inside your rocket, click the ‘Launch’ lever and push it down. You will now be driving your rocket. Your first step is going to be Jungle Planet. The coordinates of Jungle Planet are 15, 15. When you get near the planet, an alien spaceship will start attacking you so click it as fast as you can.

19. When you’re on Jungle Planet, exit your spaceship. Jump down to the ground and pick up the Laser Lance. Jump back up to your spaceship platform via the flowers. Now, jump on to the moving platform. Wait for the moving platform to reach its highest point, then jump on to the next. Do this until you reach the end, and click GO RIGHT. Right off of the bat, you’ll notice a Green Knight. Talk to him and select option 3.

20. He’ll say that someone or something is being held in a cage – and that it could be the princess! Go right and jump across the eggs without being hit by the chicken. You’ll need to jump from the last egg to the cage. The cage doesn’t contain the princess, but rather a horse. Click the center of the cage, and break the cage. The man in green will tell you to watch out as the Monster Phoenix is coming.

21. You will now be riding your horse. This isn’t any regular horse, this horse can actually fly! Fly your horse, dodging all of the objects that come at it. You may also use your Fuel Rod gun to eliminate any enemies. Soon enough, you’ll reach the Monster Phoenix. To eliminate it, charge your Fuel Rod gun at max and then shoot. Sometimes, the Monster Phoenix will come up from behind you – make sure to dodge it. The Monster Phoenix requires three maximum-charged Fuel Rod gun shots to be taken down.

22. When you’ve defeated the Monster Phoenix, the Green Knight will say that it was all a trick by Binary Bard and that the princess isn’t there. He will also mention that he’ll help you on your journey for the princess. You will now be teleported back to your Rocket Ship.

24. Click the lever, and take off. This time, you’ll want to head to Lava Planet (coordinates 83, 20). When you have landed on Lava Planet, exit your Rocket Ship. This next challenge requires the perfect timing. You’ll need to jump from platform to platform, however, the platforms are moving up and down. If you fail to make it to a platform, you’ll fall in to the lava and start over. When you’ve reached the last platform, jump up on to the volcano and click GO DOWN.

25. This challenge also requires the right timing. Every few seconds, a string of lava from the volcano will appear and push anything out of its way. That being said, you’ll need to move up the volcano’s path in a very timely manner. To avoid the string of lava, you’ll need to stay out of reach (hide) from its path. Everytime the string of lava disappears, you will need to move quickly to get to the next hiding place. This is not hard to do, however, the wrong timing could result in you having to start all over.

26. Near the end, you’ll actually get to see the root of the lava string. If you pass the root, you will no longer be affected by it. Keep descending until you reach the bottom. You’ll see a mechanic-robot type-thing. It will execute a bunch of moves to keep you away from proceeding to the other side. The trick here is to jump over it when it is in its rolling position.

27. After proceeding past the robot, you’ll come across a Red Knight. He’ll say that he thinks the princess is located in the cave with the giant “monster”. He will also give you an Ice Arrow to aid you with defeating the monster. Enter the cave.

28. Defeating this monster isn’t as hard as defeating the Monster Phoenix. All you need to do is the following:

  • Climb up the first chain, and traverse all the way to the last chain.
  • When you’ve reached the last chain, descend to the ground. If all is done correctly thus far, you’ll be located behind the monster.
  • You will see a spiked-ball bounce up and down. When the ball is up, quickly run and jump on to the monster.
  • Click on the lever located on the monster. The monster will open its mouth, thus allowing you to shoot the Ice Arrow.
  • Shoot the Ice Arrow in to the monster’s mouth.

To defeat the monster, you’ll need to execute the above steps three times. When you have done so, the monster will jump so hard and heavily that the ground will break, making him fall in the process.

29. Fortunately, you have defeated the monster! Unfortunately, it turns out that it was just another one of Binary Bard’s tricks. Nevertheless, the Red Knight will now aid you on your journey to find the princess. You will be teleported back to your Rocket Ship.

30. Go to the control panel, and click on the lever. This time, you will need to go to Ice Planet (coordinates 73, 83). This one is a bit tricky, as you’ll need to take out three space sharks before you can gain access to the planet. Do not worry, Poptropicans! There is an easy way to get rid of these so-powerful sharks. You’ll need to execute the following to get rid of each individual shark:

  • Attract the Space Shark’s attention (by shooting or flying close to it).
  • Lead it to the Black Hole (coordinates 88, 46).
  • Trick the Space Shark by attempting to go in to the hole, but then quickly flying out. You can also fly in to the Black Hole, but then you’ll have to fly all the way back to Ice Planet.

Do the above steps until all three Space Sharks are exterminated. When you have done so, you’ll have access to Ice Planet. Fly on over to the planet and land.

31. Exit your Rocket Ship. To start off Ice Planet, you’ll need to jump over all of the Ice Boulders until you reach the end. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, however, as a weird-looking fish will attempt to knock you down.

32. Make it to the end and click GO RIGHT. When you’re in the next room, climb all of the way to the top of the mountain. This isn’t as easy as it seems, you see, you must avoid the falling boulders. When you have reached the very top, you’ll catch sight of the Blue Knight.

33. Talk to the Blue Knight and select option 3. He’ll mention that he saw a “beast”, and that you will need to defeat it to find the princess. He will hand you a Force Shield. The “beast” will uncover itself, by flying up above the mountain. To defeat this beast, you’ll need to do the following.

  • Reflect the boulders it shoots with your Force Shield.
  • You must dodge all other objects this beast shoots at you except for the boulders.
  • You need to reflect three boulders to defeat the beast.

34. Unluckily for you, it was another one of Binary Bard’s lousy tricks! Do not fear, though, as the Blue Knight will now accompany you on your quest to find the princess. You will be teleported back to your rocket.

35. This is where most Poptropicans get stuck. You don’t know where to go next. Well, I have the answer. You’ll need to click on the lever, and take off. Now, fly over to the secret planet (coordinates 10, 80). Land on this secret planet, and exit your Rocket Ship.

36. Climb up all of the stones until you reach the top (where the giant key is located). There will be writing on the wall. It’ll say that when four knights are gathered, the Chosen One may pull the key from the stone. You are the chosen one, so click the key. A vortex will reveal itself, click ENTER.

37. You will now be at Binary Bard’s castle. Climb down to the bottom and walk up to the main entrance. Click on the princess, and talk to her. She’ll need the three mystical weapons to “destroy the evil place”. You will end up giving her the three weapons. She will then reveal herself as Binary Bard. Binary Bard will then explain to you his plans on universal take-over. After that, he’ll disappear.

38. The main entrance door will be located right next to you. Click on it, and solve the puzzle. This puzzle is a bit tricky, but basically you will need to click on squares. When you click on a square, it will stay the same but flip over the adjacent squares. It may take a while to solve this, but with some practice and experimenting, you’ll eventually get it.

39. The door will open. Click ENTER. Welcome to the final battle against Mordred. There are two parts to this battle. For the first part, you’ll be the robot owl: Merlin. This is the easiest of the two parts, and here’s what you have to do to complete this part of the battle.

  • Wait for Mordred to drop explosives on to the ground.
  • Fly over to them and click them (this will make you pick them up).
  • Carry the explosive above Mordred’s head until it starts to beep red.
  • Drop the explosive on to Mordred’s head.

Repeat the above steps two times and the first part of the battle will be complete. Take note that your health bar does not reset for the second part, so you do not want to lose much health in part one.

40. You’re now on the second part. You’ll play your own Poptropican character in this part. To beat this part, you must do the following.

  • Climb up on to the top of the robot.
  • Jump from the robot to the platform in which the princess sits.
  • Now, jump on either the left of right chandelier.
  • Wait for Mordred to stand directly below the chandelier.
  • Mordred will zap the chandelier and it will fall on to his robot’s head.

Do the above steps twice without loosing all of your health and you will have completed the second part of the final battle.

42. After you defeat the evil Mordred, the king will request your presence. Your excellence in defeating Mordred will be rewarded with the Astro Knight’s Island Medallion and 100 credits.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Astro Knights Island.

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