Poptropica Cheats for Big Nate Island

1. Go over to Big Nate Island if you are not already there yet. Jump off the blimp and then you’ll meet Big Nate, who will say that he is searching for a time capsule that was hidden 100 years ago and that apparently there’s some big treasure inside it so everyone’s going crazy looking for it.

2. First, you have to find the nine comic strip frames around the island. Go right until you are in front of a store called ‘Pop-in Shoppe’. Go to the top floor. On a green couch, there is a comic strip frame. Take it. Get out of the store and go to the ‘Klassic Komix’ and talk to the guy with the orange shirt and jeans.

Big Nate Island Video Walkthrough

3. He’ll give you a comic strip frame as he lost his comic. Now leave the Klassic Komix building and walk past the Cap n’ Salty building. Enter the Photo Studio and go right. On the light, there is a comic frame. Pick it up.

4. Leave the Photo Studio. On the right of the Photo Studio there is a pole. Climb to the top to obtain a comic frame. Go back down and go right. Just so you know, you are outside Big Nate’s school. Go to the right and you’ll be outside of the kids’ playground. There’s a clubhouse and everything. Go inside the clubhouse (It is labeled ‘Kids Only’ if you don’t know where it is). First do the hangman game. I can’t help you with that game as there is a different word every time but you’ll get through it!

5. When you win, you will obtain a packet of Peanut Butter Crackers. You don’t really need to do the Table Football game but if you want to, you can. I suggest you leave it until the end of the island because it is not really required. If you do decide to play the Table Football, then you’ll get ‘Big Nate’s Practical Jokes’.

6. Go back outside and head right. Climb up the Lighthouse to retrieve a comic frame at the very top of it. Go back down and go all the way left until you reach the school. Enter it. Go up the stairs to the Science Lab. But first, there’s a comic frame on a broken speaker. Retrieve it. Go left, past Francis until you reach the model of the Solar System.

7. Jump up on to the ‘Mr Bones’ skeleton and retrieve the comic frame on the Solar System model. Go right again and click on the chemistry kit next to Francis. We’re going to make a stink bomb! Pour half of the beaker with blue, and the other half with yellow to produce green. Turn the heater to 4. This will make a stink bomb and it will be put in your inventory. Leave the Science Lab and leave the school.

8. On the right of the school, there is wooden scaffolding.  Climb up and take the last piece of the comic. Here’s how you need to arrange the comics, in order from first to last.

  • New Kid: Um excuse me. Nate: Hm?
  • New Kid: I’m new here, and…um..I’m sort of lost. Nate: Ah, Nate Wright at your service, dude! Where do you need to go?
  • New Kid: I’m trying to find the Art Room. Nate: Art Room! Gotcha! Stand here!
  • New Kid: Uh here? Nate: Right there! And don’t move!
  • New Kid: But! / Klik!
  • Nate: Well? Teddy: He overshot. He reached the nurse’s office.
  • Nate: Dang! Teddy: Which is probably a good place for him to end up.

Locker Combination: NINE, THREE, ZERO, FIVE.

9. This locker combination is essential. But let us leave that for later. Go to the Klassic Komix shop to hand the comic in to the guy. He’ll let you keep the comic and will also give you a packet of stale gum. This is perfect if you want a detention.

10. Go to the lighthouse and climb up until you reach Mr Rosa, Nate’s Art Teacher. Ask him if you can look through the telescope. You’ll see that there is a scroll under a rock on your right. Exit the telescope. On the right of the lighthouse, you’ll see an old picture floating in the wind. Grab it by standing on the lighthouse ladders and then jumping off. This may be quite tricky but you’ll get it eventually.

11. When you have done that, go left to the Photo Studio and find the School Picture Guy. Trade the old photo for the scuba gear. Leave the building. Head over to the right until you reach the school. Go inside and go to Nate’s locker. It’s the one with the papers spilling out. Click on it. Remember the code on the comic? Enter the code 9305.

12. The papers will spill out. Click on the pile of papers. Your Poptropican will discover a school blueprint. Examine the blueprint. You’ll see that there is a secret room. Close it and go down to the detention room. Don’t go inside but stay outside. Chew your stale gum. The social studies teacher, Miss Godfrey (Godzilla) will take you inside the room for a detention.

13. The secret room is through the filing cabinets but Miss Godfrey won’t let you touch it! Don’t worry, just use the stink bomb to get the teacher out of the way. When she leaves, click on the filing cabinets. The cabinets will open and a ladder will reveal itself. Go down the ladder.

14. Go right until you reach a table and some DIY tools. Jump up and receive a bell clapper.  Climb up the ladder and you’ll be back in the detention room. You can leave the room now that Miss Godfrey isn’t watching you like a hawk.

15. Exit the school and go right. Go right, right, right, past the girls who are guarding the time capsule. You’ll deal with them later. Go past the lighthouse until you reach Mr Cap n’ Salty. He needs to rescue a lobster trap from under the water. Put on your scuba gear and plunge into the water! Swim all the way right, then go down until you see a lobster trap. Retrieve it and swim up until you are out of oxygen. You’ll go right back to the start. Go up and hand the lobster trap to Cap n Salty. You’ll receive a lobster and also some keys for the jet skis.

16. Climb up the lighthouse to the light. You will need a good wrench to crank it round. You don’t have a wrench but you could make do with the lobster. Use the lobster. It will scare the bird away. You can now go on the jet skis! Jump on them.

17. Nate will run towards you and challenge you to a race. Bring it on! Avoid the bird’s eggs and dodge the obstacles and keep your cursor to the far right hand side of the page. You’ll beat him. When you arrive at the rocks, jump on the huge, tilting rock and push the two seals to the left hand side. You can see the scroll. Take it. It is the map for the school capsule.

18. Ride back to the Puffin Point and go left, left, left. Work your way up the top to the school and use the bell clapper. The girls will leave the playground.

19. Go to the playground and stand between the two posts. The spot is below the ladder. Use the Peanut Butter Crackers. Spitsy (the dog), will dig a hole. Click on the hole that the dog made to pull the capsule out from the hole. Click the lock to open it.

20. A bunch of stuff will happen then. You can watch the dialogue between Nate and Jenny and after that, a newspaper will appear on the screen. Close the newspaper and the detention teacher will come along and give you the Island Medallion.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Big Nate Island. What did you think of Big Nate Island?

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