Poptropica Cheats for Cryptids Island

1. Hover your blimp over to what is soon to be your next Poptropica adventure, Cryptids Island! To start, go right until you see a man with a beard. He’ll ask if you’ve seen a flyer. In detail, the flyer explains that there’s a reward of $1,000,000 – but we don’t know for what yet.

2. Head all the way right until you reach a large tree next to a bench. Jump on to the tree, and pick up the five-dollar bill. Jump down from the tree and go left until you reach the General Store. Enter, and talk to the guy in the store. Select the second option: ‘Can I buy something?’. The guy will allow you, but only if you have cash. Go in to your inventory and select USE under the five-dollar bill you found in the tree earlier. Select the third option: ‘Fine, I’ll take a sports drink’.

Cryptids Island Video Walkthrough

3. Exit the store. Go right until you reach a guy in green beside a rake and a barrel. Go in to your inventory, and select USE under your Sports Drink. He will thank you, and ask that you hold his Gardening Shears while he takes a break. Go back left until you reach a person that’s flying in a balloon. Proceed left until you reach a girl. She’ll ask if you can give her a push. Go back, and then run towards her as fast as you can. Now, climb up the building until you reach the top where a man will ask that you cut his balloon lose so that he can fly.

4. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Gardening Shears. You will now be handed a Nylon Rope. Go back right until you reach Kitty’s Kites on Main Street. Enter the building, and talk to Kitty. Select the second option: ‘Can I try out one of these kites?’. She will tell you that you need a strong rope in order to try out the Kitesurfer x250. Go in to your inventory, and select USE under the Nylon Rope.

5. Exit the building. Go left until you reach the place where you gave the girl a push. Jump down in to the water, and go left until you reach an animal sitting on a rock. Go in to your inventory, and select USE under the Kitesurfer x250. You’re now surfing, be careful! To surf, you need to bounce up and down in the air. Make sure to bounce very carefully, and follow the kites every move. You will eventually reach a girl in a pink boat that claims the prize money will soon be hers. Unfortunately, she throws fire at your kite and you begin to drown.

6. Fortunately, a helicopter made it in time to save your life. You’re now in a mansion. You now find out the girl’s name: Gretchen Grimlock. Click on the cup of water next to your bed. Drink it, ang get out of bed.Walk up to the door and exit the room. Proceed downstairs, passed the main entrance and in to the museum. Go down the stairs once more. Walk in to the room with all of the experiments. Click the big green ‘Play’ button on all 5 of the expirements.

7. Mr Mews will show up. Select the third option: ‘I’ll do it’. Mr Mews will tell you that the helicopter awaits outside. Go up the stairs, and exit the room. Go to the Main Entrance, and exit the building. Head right until you see the helicopter. Get in the helicopter, and select Himalayrs. Your helicopter will bring you there.

8. Get out of your helicopter and climb up the mountain. When you’re at the very top, go left until you reach a cliff. Jump as high as you can and land on a mini-cliff. Now, jump on to the other side. You will meet a sherpa. Talk to him and select option 2: ‘Can you guide me to the top of the mountain?’.

9. He will explain to you that you need to be tied to the ring at all times to avoid the risk of getting blown off. To climb the mountain, you need to time right. This being said, never jump when the wind heavy. Everytime you successfully jump on to another platform, simply tie your rope to the metal ring.

10. When you reach the top of the mountain, select GO LEFT. Head right until you reach a huge building. Go up to the door and enter.  Head right until you reach a man guarding the Yeti’s Scalp. Select the third option, and the man will hand you an Unlit Camping Lantern.

11. Go left and exit the building. Proceed left, and climb back down the mountain until you reach your helicopter. In your helicopter, select PUERTO RICO as your next destination.

12. You will then take off, and land in Puerto Rico. The first thing you’ll see is a person that crash landed in to a tree. Go right until you reach two men standing outside of a house. Talk to them, and select option 2. The man will lend you his jeep.

13. Walk up to the jeep and get in. Drive the jeep to the star in the top-right corner. Click EXIT JEEP. You will automatically be brought to a man who thanks you for delivering to him the seeds. Talk to him and select option 2. The man will ask you to go look at the fence. Go left until you reach a piece of fur on the fence.

14. Get back in to your jeep and drive back to the star in the bottom-right corner. Get out, and walk left until you reach your helicopter. In your helicopter, select ‘Mews Mansion’. Your helicopter will take you directly to the mansion. Get out, and go left. Walk in to the mansion via the main entrance.

15. Go right, and head down to the basement where Mews is located. When you get close to Mews, go in to your inventory and select USE under the Unidentified Fur. You must now extract the DNA. To extract the DNA, follow these instructions:

  • Put SAMPLE into BREAKER.
  • Pour ENZYME #2 into BREAKER.
  • Pour LAB GEL into LAB TRAY.
  • Pour BREAKER into LAB TRAY.
  • Pour PROBES into LAB TRAY.
  • Place X-RAY FILM in LAB TRAY.
  • Place X-RAY FILM in the DEVELOPER.
  • Once finished, press the DEVELOP button on the DEVLOPER.

16. Mews will say that it’s just Coyote Fur. Head back upstairs, exit the mansion and get back into the helicopter. Select ‘Puerto Rico’. Get back into the jeep. This time drive up to the star located top-left of the map. When you get there, click EXIT JEEP.

17. You will see a man standing there. Talk to him, and select option 2. The man mention that the Chupacabra only attacks goats with spots. Go right until you reach a tree. Bounce on the branches until you reach the top. When you’re at the top, grab the Bolt Cutters. Jump back down and get into your jeep.

18. Drive down to the star located right below you, on the left. Climb up the rocks until you reach the top of the tree. Proceed left until you reach a man. Talk to him, and select option 2. He will mention that the Chupacabra only attacks goats in groups of three or more.

19. Go back down and enter your jeep. Drive up to the star located in the middle of the map. Do not get out. You’ll see a bunch of goats around the area. You’ll need to herd three goats into a spot. After you’ve done so, exit your jeep by clicking EXIT JEEP.

20. You will find the jeep owner. He’ll say he’s come to help you. When you’re done talking to him, follow him until you are hiding behind a rock. You will hear a thump. Head on over to the locked box. Start pushing it, and the Chupacabra will break free. He will run away, however, he leaves his tooth behind. Pick it up, and go back into your jeep.

21. Drive all the way back to the star located bottom-right of the map. Click EXIT JEEP. Go back into your helicopter, and head back to Mews Mansion. Go left, enter the mansion, and head to the basement. Walk up to Mews. Go into your inventory, and select USE under Chupacabra Tooth. The Chupacabra will now be confirmed real.

22. Exit the mansion, and go back to the helicopter. Enter the helicopter, and select ‘Loch Ness’. When you’ve reached Loch Ness, go right until you reach the Pub. Enter the Pub, and pick up the Matches located on the bar.

23. Exit the Pub, and go left back to your helicopter. When you’re in your helicopter, select ‘New Jersey’. When you’re in New Jersey, head right until you reach a garbage dump. Go into your inventory, and select USE under your Bolt Cutters.

24. Using your mouse, move all of the trash out of the way and grab the Bathroom Stall Door at the bottom. Go into the washroom right next to you. Walk over to the bathroom stalls. You’ll find another stall with directions on it. You’ll write the directions down on a piece of paper.

25. Hop on to the motorcycle located right next to the washroom. Using the directions, make your way through the path. When you reach the end, click the ‘Look Around’ button. It will be pitch black. Go into your inventory, and select USE under your Match. You’ll now be using your lantern. You should now be able to see. Enter the gate. Using your lantern, guide yourself right until you reach a house. Enter it.

26. In the house, go right and climb up the stairs. You’ll hear thumps. Push the clothing case until you reach the end. Jump on to it, and click GO UP. Go right, you’ll heard more thumps. The barrel will start to shake, turns out it’s just a raccoon. Proceed right and grab the Grappling Hook. Go down to the bottom floor. You’ll spot something in the window. Proceed left and exit the house.

27. Go right and you’ll see the monster flying. It will fly away, but you’ll notice something in the tree. Use your Grappling Hook to get to the top of the tree. In the tree, you’ll find Broken Egg Shells. Pick them up, and head all the way back to the garbage dump. Climb up on to the garbage dump, and hop on to the roof of the building.

28. Select USE under your Gardening Shears to help the girl down. Head back to your helicopter, and select Mews Mansion. Go left, enter the mansion, and head to the basement. Walk up to Mews, and select USE under your Broken Egg Shells. You’ll need to extract DNA, follow the instructions in step 15.

29. Go back upstairs, and exit the mansion. Head on over to your helicopter and enter. Select ‘Loch Ness’.  When you’ve arrived in Loch Ness, go right until you see an old man standing in front of an old truck. Talk to him, and select option 2. He will ask that you help get his truck out from being stuck under the bridge. Click the tire on the truck, and fix it by quickly moving your mouse back and forth.

30. The man will thank you for saving his track, and will therefore reward you with a Rugged Camera. Go right and enter the Pub. When you’ve entered the Pub, go left until you reach the man with the orange hair at the back. He will mention that he knows a little something about Nessie, but that you’ll have to beat him in a game of darts prior to the explanation. He also throws in a boat ticket if you win.

31. To play darts, just hold your mouse very still. Make sure that you aim correctly and precisely or else you won’t hit the middle. When you win, you’ll receive Osprey-feathered Darts. You’ll also recieve a Rowboat Ticket. Exit the Pub, and head left all the way back to the helicopter. Proceed right and you’ll see a Rowboat. Get in, and hand the man your Rowboat Ticket.

32. The man will start rowing the boat. You’ll eventually stop, and the man will tell you to look closely. A moving thing in the water will pop up. You’ll have to take a picture of it. Simply go in to your inventory, and select USE under your Rugged Camera.

33. Go right all the way back to your helicopter, and enter. Go back to Mews Mansion. As usual, go left and enter the mansion. Make your way down to the basement and talk to Mews. It turns out you were tricked, and that the Loch Ness monster located at sea were just a bunch of Truck Tires. Head back outside and in to your helicopter. Go back to Loch Ness.

34. Go back to the Rowboat and speak the man who tricked you. You’ll threaten him with the police, and he’ll mention he’s on vacation and will run away. Continue to go right and enter the Pub. Go left until you reach a man in blue. The man will mention things about the Loch Ness monster. The man across will start laughing as if it’s a joke, when it’s really not. They will then mention a Submarine Ticket, which you’ll need to earn by winning a game of darts.

35. Win the game of darts, and the man will hand you the Submarine Ticket. Exit the Pub, and go left until you reach the Submarine located right next to your helicopter. Hand the man your ticket, and control the submarine straight down in to the water until you reach what seems to be a Loch Ness monster. Take out your Rugged Camera and take a picture.

36. You will now have a Loch Ness Monster Photo. Take this picture back to the Pub and show it to the man who doubted you earlier. He’ll say that it’s a bunch of bunk, and asks you to take a look at the newspaper clip on the wall. Turns out it is fake, as a Movie Prop sank a while back.

37. He’ll thank you for the laugh and give you Peregrine-feathered Darts. Go right and exit the Pub. Before you exit, the man you faced earlier in darts will want a rematch. He will also throw in something that’ll help you find Nessie – guaranteed. Win the game of darts. When you win, the man will accuse you of cheating and will leave without giving you what he had promised.

38. The man on the left will give you a Penny Whistle as a replacement reward, something that’s supposed to attract Nessie’s attention. Exit the Pub, and go left until you reach the Rowboat. Proceed left and click GO LEFT. In the next room, click GO LEFT again. Now, take out your Penny Whistle by going in to your inventory and selecting USE under it. Nessie will pop out right in front of you.

39. Take out your Rugged Camera and snap a picture of Nessie. Go right, back to your helicopter and select Mews Mansion. When you arrive, go left and enter the mansion. Go in to the basmeent and talk to mews. Show him the Nessie photo by going in to your inventory and selecting USE under the Loch Ness Monster Photo.

40. You’ve just proven the existence of Nessie. Go back upstairs and enter your helicopter. This time, select ‘Himalayrs’. When your helicopter arrives at Himalayrs, climb up the mountain until you reach a rope. Climb up the rope, go across the bridge, and climb up another rope. When you reach the top, go right a bit and then climb up the mountain wall. When you reach the top, you’ll see a woman in red.

41. To get passed, you need to beat her in a game. To win, follow this guide:

  • Move your piece up one space.
  • Move your piece up one space.
  • Move your piece diagonally right or left, depending on where she moves.
  • Move your piece to the end.

42. When you have beaten her, proceed right and climb up on to the roof of the building. Jump from the roof on to the snow platform located on the left. Go left until you reach a Yeti Footprint. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Rugged Camera. Snap a picture of the footprint. Go all the way back to your helicopter. Head on over to Mews Mansion.

43. Go left and enter the mansion. Go down in to the basement and talk to Mews. Hand him the photo of the ‘Yeti Footprint’ by going in to your inventory and selecting USE under Photo of Snow Track. He will tell you that it’s just an ordinary footprint, and that the Himalayrs isn’t worth revisiting. He then mentions that he’s just received report of a Big Foot sighting, and that the location has been added to the helicopter computer.

44. Exit the mansion and return to your helicopter. This time, select ‘Pacific Northwest’. You’ve spotted Big Foot. Just follow him around for a bit until you find out where he lives – make sure not to lose him. When the Big Foot enters his cave, your helicopter comm system will turn on and you’ll be speaking with Mews and Gretchen. You’ll now need to chase after Gretchen. When you bump in to her helicopter, you’ve caught her.

45. You’re now standing on your helicopter. Walk forward, and jump on to Gretchen’s helicopter. Walk up to the gas tank, and click it. Now, jump on to Big Foot’s cage and release him by using your Gardening Shears (go in to your inventory and select USE).You and Big Foot will land safely with the aid of a parachute.

46. Walk up to Mews. He will say that he has spent most of his fortune on finding the Cryptids, and that he wouldn’t be able to afford a safe habitat for Big Foot. You’ll mention that you do not need the million bucks, and that he can have it. He will reward you with 50 credits and the Cryptids Island Medallion.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Cryptids Island.

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