Poptropica Cheats for Ghost Story Island

Welcome! I am excited you’re ready to give Ghost Story Island a go! You can begin Ghost Story Island by speaking to the man in front of the Gingerbread House (on your left). If all goes well, you will be given some salt and are ready for the next step.

After you have successfully collected the salt, head towards your left until you arrive at the Hemlock Cemetery. A person will arrive at the cemetery and leave you a pamphlet. After you have received the pamphlet, talk to the man in the suit and then go left and talk to the kid. Ask the kid, “Can I help?” You will then need to go back to Main Street and enter the Hemlock Herald.

Ghost Story Island Video Walkthrough

Once you have arrived at the Hemlock Herald, head towards your right and talk to the lady. She’ll allow you to examine archives in the Archive Room.

At the Archive Room, look for a box containing folders (located to the right of the furnace). Click on the box and flip to the fourth page when the folders appear; Silas Moon will be highlighted on the list. Close out of the folders and make your way back to Main Street by exiting the Archive Room and Hemlock Herald. You are now required to go back to the Hemlock Cemetery (on your far left).

The Mystery of Fiona

At the Hemlock Cemetery, talk to the kid again — he’ll provide you a key. Afterwards, head towards your right until you arrive at the Hemlock Inn. Enter the Hemlock Inn and talk to the lady on the right, and then go up the stairs located on your left. Enter Room 2B and take a nap by clicking on the bed. You will now experience a mysterious phenomenon and everything will began to move when you awaken.

Ghost Story Cabinet

After you are able to see your character, click on the cabinet that is blocked by the chair. A group of people will appear and talk to you; exit the hotel room and proceed down the stairs after your conversation ends. After you’re back at the lobby of the Hemlock Inn, look towards your right for a violin located near a piano — place the violin into your backpack. Leave the Hemlock Inn.

You are now encouraged to talk to the man on the right near the shore. After you’re done talking to the poptropican, he’ll leave with a friend — click on his binoculars located in the front of his tent. Next, take out the violin you picked up at the Hemlock Inn (located in your backpack).

You should now be playing your Violin — fill up the progress level by moving your mouse left to right. You’ll eventually notice a ruckus in the attic of the building; take out your binoculars and click on the top of the window. After clicking on the top of the window, jump on top of the tent and then onto the mossy rock located to the right of the tent. Look for an entrance to a flight of stairs towards the top of the screen. Click on the entrance (a door) and proceed down the flight of stairs. Go left and continue on by taking an additional flight of stairs. It’ll begin to collapse; go left and take cover next to the smallest box you can find.

Ghost Story Boxes

You will now need to push the box to the right until the large box is under the upper half of the staircase — then, using the box, jump up to the upper half of the staircase. Once you’ve reached the staircase, go to the right and click on the telescope to reveal a woman. After talking to her, exit the building via the same route you used to enter the old ziggurat. Go back to Main Street.

Enter the Gingerbread House and tell the woman, “Fiona sent me.” You will be given a thermal scanner, EMF detector, thermometer, and a camera.

Click on the plate of food located on the table (on your right) and you’ll claim some Hot Cross Buns. Leave the Gingerbread House and go to the Hemlock Cemetery. Follow a maze to a set of gates containing the letter “A” by clicking on the gates containing the letter “H.” If you’re having trouble finding your way through the maze, use the map at the top right of the screen to guide yourself to the upper left position on the map (you will find the gate there).

The Ghost Story “Ghost”

After arriving at the set of gates containing the letter “A”, proceed on through the structure and go right. You will now need to jump onto the large grave to reach the hill — a woman will then insist that you hide and a man will appear. You will have to take a photo of the character, so use your camera when the icon flashes on your screen (by moving your mouse around until you see him).

Ghost Story Magistrate

After you have successfully captured a picture of the Poptropican, go back to the gates and click on the orange “H” icon on the map. Exit the Hemlock Cemetery by exiting the “H” gate and go to Main Street. Enter the Herald and talk to the woman; unveil the photo you previously captured as proof. You will be given a reward of $50.00. Exit the Herald and go to the Bank.

Assuming you are at the Bank, go right and talk to the receptionist behind the counter. After a small chat with the receptionist, continue right and you’ll eventually arrive at the bank vault. Talk to the Police Officer and deposit the $50.00. You will then notice movement beneath the floor; using your thermal scanner, look for a ghost. Go back to the Hemlock Herald.

If you entered the Herald, leave and go back to the Main Street — you should be outside of the structure. Talk to the group of Poptropicans reading the newspaper and then read a few articles yourself by clicking on the stack of newspapers. Close the Newspaper and talk to the guy wearing a suit.

Navigating the Ghostly Sea

It’s now time to find out what shore the ship arrived at; keep going right and you’ll eventually locate the shore. You’ll also see a man on the shore — talk to him and give him the key to Room B. Get on his ship and enter the door (you will now be able to use the ship to navigate to different locations).

Find the Abandoned Prison. Click on the Dock and then walk up the stairs to enter the Abandoned Prison. Use your EMF Detector and go right until you find the elevator — use the elevator to go to the H Level and then find the Warden’s Office (go right).

Ghost Story Prison Cell

Enter the Warden’s Office and use your Hot Cross Buns (you found the buns at the Gingerbread House). Talk to the ghost. Go back to the Elevator and go to the D Level. Find and click on the eight prison cell — you’ll be locked inside the cell. In order to escape, push the bed to the right to unveil an escape route and enter the tunnel (be sure to equip your thermal scanner to find the ghost).

Collect the sardines, pickaxe, and note to prisoner as you follow the tunnel. It’s now time to find and talk to the prisoner (which should be an easy task). After a short conversation with the prisoner, head back to the jail cell and use the pickaxe to escape. Take the elevator and go to the A Level. Exit the Abandoned Prison and go back to the ship (boat). Go to the Lighthouse (located in the middle-left of the ocean).

Dock the ship at the Lighthouse and claim the torch at the entrance of the watchtower. Equip the torch and enter the Lighthouse. It’s now time to complete the hardest part of Ghost Story Island.

Ghost Story Lighthouse Stairs

You will need to get to the beacon of the Lighthouse. It’s going to take a lot of frustration and patience to reach the Beacon. I strongly encourage you to crouch after every step you take, because by not doing so, you risk being struck by a gust of wind. As you make your way to the top, make small moves after each gust of wind (don’t forget to crouch) until you reach the Lighthouse Beacon. In addition, you may stumble upon a few openings, so you’ll also need to jump.

When you reach the top of the Lighthouse, climb up the rope and click on the platform on the right. Equip your EMF Detector and then use your thermometer; you should then be able to spot several damaged pipes. Go to the Rooftop and click on the light; direct the light towards the Abandoned Prison.

Return to the boat by jumping off of the Lighthouse and go to the shore at the bottom — your thermal scanner will sound. Go back to the Lighthouse and you’ll see a floating torch moving up the stairs. You’ll have to follow the floating torch, but don’t worry — the direction of the wind has shifted, so there’s no need to crouch as you head up the stairs.

Cracking the Case

If you haven’t already figured out what to do next, climb up the rope again and get on the platform on the right. Talk to the ghost. Return to your boat and go north to find and examine the submerged boat. You’ll be rewarded a locket. Go back to the main shore and go to the Abandoned Building (jump on top of the tent and rock again). Go to the Abandoned Building’s attic via the ground entrance and move some more boxes to jump onto the staircase.

Ghost Story Fiona

At the Attic, go left and you’ll arrive at a bedroom. Jump on the platform and talk to the woman. After handing over several items to the Poptropican, leave the platform (jump down) and pick up the scrapbook. Exit the Abandoned Building and head west on Main Street (past the Herald) until you arrive at a fountain with a bird on top. Click on the bird and use the sardines to get the feathered creature to fly away. Jump to the top of the fountain and click on the bird’s nest to pickup a ring.

Go to the Hemlock Cemetery and enter through the “H” gate. Navigate to the top-right corner of the Hemlock Cemetery using your map and enter through the new “B” gate. Go right until you arrive at the wooden doors. Talk to the man and give him the ring you collected from the bird’s nest. After you’re finished talking to the man, go back through the “B” gate and click on the “H” gate on your map. At the Hemlock Cemetery, go east on Main Street and enter the Herald.

Ghost Story 1929

At the Herald, go right until you arrive at the Archive Room and then click on the computer located near the furnace. You will need to select and rotate the handles to set the display date to 1929. Go to lot A of the Hemlock Cemetery. Enter the cemetery gate and click on the “A” gate of the map. Go through the gate and head towards the upper left by jumping on the graves and grass hills — you should run across a large grave and an open casket. Climb down the ladder through the open casket to begin a new maze. You can solve the maze by going up, down, and left; you must find the secret ladder.

After you have completed the maze, climb up the secret ladder and hide from the ghost. You will then have to surprise the ghost and follow him down the ladder. When you arrive at the room again, jump to the upper right to see the ghost next to the grave. Talk to the ghost and he will unveil the mystery of Ghost Story Island. You have now completed Ghost Story Island and will be awarded a medallion.

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