Poptropica Cheats for Great Pumpkin Island

1. Ride the blimp to Great Pumpkin Island if you’re not already there yet. Go all the way to the right, over to the pumpkin patch. Linus will say that his sister, Lucy wants the biggest and heaviest pumpkin. To do so, choose any two pumpkins and put the lighter ones to the side. Keep on doing so until you find the heaviest pumpkin and hand it off to Lucy.

2. After that, Lucy will ask you to roll the pumpkin back to their house. Basically, you have to roll the pumpkin along hills, obstacles and stuff like that. Once you get to the rabbits, you have to wait until they go back down and roll. This bit is quite frustrating, especially when you get to the kids swinging.

Great Pumpkin Island Video Walkthrough

3. Try placing the pumpkin next to the first kid swinging and when the kids swing, push as fast as you can for dear life. When you have done that, Lucy will be there waiting for you. Then you’ll end up in their house. Linus will give you the trick or treat bag he promised you.

4. Lucy will cut the pumpkin. You can watch the quick dialogue after that. Leave the house and go talk to the guy who looks like he sweeps chimneys for a living like those kids in Victorian times used to.

5. Give him the trick or treat bag and he will give you a lemon-flavored sucker in return. Linus’ favorite. Go back inside the house and give Linus the sucker. He will give you his Halloween party invitation. Pick up the pen he left and make an exit.

6. Go all the way left, left, and left. When you reach a place with leaves scattered on the ground, go a bit to the left until you reach a boy in yellow and black. His name is Charlie Brown. You are in his backyard. He will ask Snoopy to put the falling leaves into a pile. You will have to play as Snoopy – you have to use the dog’s breath to guide the leaf over to the pile.

7. Do this for five leaves. When you’re finished, Linus will charge in and fly into the pile. Go to the Main Street and Linus will wonder where he put his blanket. Click on the pile of leaves and sort through the leaves until you find a blue blanket that belongs to no other than Linus. Go back to the Main Street and give Linus the blanket back. He will use the blanket to mail his letter to the Great Pumpkin.

8. Go back to Charlie Brown’s backyard and you’ll see Lucy trying to talk Charlie into letting her teach him a football trick. She even offers him a document for him to sign. But Charlie doesn’t have a pen. Give him the pen and Charlie will sign the contract. Charlie will then run up to kick the ball and will land flat on his face. So Lucy tricked him anyways. Plus, the contract was never notarized.

9. Scoop up the football and go over to Snoopy. Go inside your inventory and select the football. Throw it in the air and an aviator cap in the tree will get knocked off. It will land on Snoopy’s head. You are now the World War I flying ace. Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy’s territory. All you have to do is fly around and avoid the bombs the enemy plane are dropping.

10. You will have to last 60 seconds to win. Now in this next part, you are in the enemy’s territory. You have to avoid being spotted by the yellow light. First hide behind the first rock you see. Then you have to go and hide in a trench. Then hide behind another rock. After that, hide behind some tall grass. Hide behind a haystack. Then hide behind a road marker. Hide in the stream and then finally behind a chimney.

11. Now go right until you reach the scarecrow. Click on the mask it’s wearing and put it on. Enter the farmhouse. A voice will welcome you with a ‘Come on in and enjoy the party!’. The party is going strong. First click on the bobbing for apples game. You have to bite six apples and you are not allowed to miss any.

12. For the Jack O Lantern, you have to carve any face onto the pumpkin, by drawing on Charlie Brown. Then you can play Pin the Face on the Pumpkin. In this game, you have to put each of the five features where they belong – in the dark. If you get more than 85% accuracy, you pass.

13. After that, you have to play the piano. You have to press the keys below each of the falling circles when it enters a box in the row above the keys. You have to play accurately to keep Snoopy dancing. This part is really annoying but you’ll manage.

14. Once you have finished that, you can now go trick or treating! You have to knock on a door and some candy will fly out. You have to get four different types of candy when you have finished the trick or treating. Charlie will always get a rock.

15. You’ll then receive the bag of candy and you can go back to the pumpkin patch to share your candies with Sally. Do that. After that, you can watch the hilarious dialogue where Sally storms off because she had been cheated out of trick or treating. Then Lucy will come along and thank you for looking after her brother. She will give you the 100 credits and the island medallion.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Great Pumpkin Island.

21 Responses to “Poptropica Cheats for Great Pumpkin Island”

  1. aria says:

    it gave me fifty credits

  2. sav says:

    i cant roll the pumpkin down the hill it always breaks on the cliff. how do i roll it down without breaking it?

  3. Megan says:

    u went the wrong way dummy

  4. Funny heart says:

    first 10 people to beat the island get 100 credits the rest get 50 credits

  5. rmehia says:

    grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! the stupid game only gave me 50 credits. I thought it was supposed to be 100 credits!!!!!!!!

  6. neona2001 says:

    i wanted like 100 credits and I only received 50! im pissed now! 🙁

  7. dhezy says:

    you always say that we’ll get 100 credits as a reward in every island… but, what did i get ? just 50 credits , you just make we all sad..

  8. dhezy says:

    anyone know why that i can’t enter common room in every island ?
    everytime i try to get in, i’ll be redirect to http://www.poptropica.com/index.php

    if anybody know why, please reply . thanks 😀

  9. Mcawesomechick says:

    LOL i love snoopy and everybody so what about credits!!!!! at lease u got some Okay? and u enjoyed a island so shut up about credits!!! This person who gave us cheats worked HARD at lease u completed an island so be grateful!!!!!!

  10. Massive Shadow says:

    ahhhhhhhh. Very NOT challenging island. The challenging island is Super Villain island and there are no Super Villain Island. Epppsss. Don’t forget to add me
    Shaun The Sheep website: Nova Silvio

  11. Red Hopper says:

    i tried to push the pumpkin into the log but my poptropican keep saying ‘opps i think its stuck’

    • Shy Panda says:

      You have to back up, and push the pumpkin really fast into the log. If you did it fast enough, the pumpkin should roll all the way through.

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