Poptropica Cheats for Mystery Train Island

1. Hover your blimp over to what will soon be your next Poptropica Adventure, Mystery Train island! When you’ve arrived, you’ll find yourself standing on grass next to a woman dressed in green.

2. Head left and descend from the grass. Proceed left until you reach Thomas Edison, who will be trying to lift his briefcase on to the train. Click on him, and he’ll ask you to help him get his luggage on to the train.

Mystery Train Island Video Walkthrough

3. You’ll need to create a ramp in order to slide Edison’s luggage up and into the train. Therefore, you will need to place the items in order from largest to smallest (largest on the right, smallest on the left). Tip: The big blue box should be on the far right and the little green box should be on the far left. When you’re done placing the items into the correct positions, select the brown board located below the items to test your ramp.

4. If all was successful, you should now be able to board the Mystery Train. Thomas Edison will hand you a John Bull train ticket and tell you to meet him at his cabin once you’ve boarded the train. Head right and enter the train.

5. When you’re in the train, head left. Talk to every person on board the train until you reach Thomas Edison’s cabin. This includes people in the main cars and people in the reserved cabins. You’ll need to do this before you can speak with Thomas Edison. When you have covered every reserved cabin, you should have a Pamphlet (from S.B. Anthony), a Telegram, and a Le Monde newspaper (from Le Monde Reporter). Head left all the way until you reach a Pencil. Pick up the Pencil, and proceed left until you reach Thomas Edison’s cabin.

6. Enter Edison’s cabin and talk to him. He’ll say that he’s going to unveil a new device that captures moving pictures. Next, he’ll say that his machine is working and that he needs to go get the New York Times reporter. You’re now left responsible for whatever happens to the device.

7. A cut-scene of the Mystery Train heading into a tunnel will appear. All of a sudden, the screen will turn pitch-black. When the light comes back on, Edison’s device will have vanished! You’re now on the case – you must prove that you’re not the real thief by uncovering the real criminal. You must find clues and ask witnesses what they might know regarding the crime. Everyone aboard the Mystery Train is a suspect.

8. Walk up to the New York Times Reporter and click on him. In the “clues” section, select Thomas Edison’s missing device. The New York Times Reporter will mention that he saw Mark Twain hiding something inside of a secret compartment – perhaps even the missing device.

9. Exit Thomas Edison’s cabin. Proceed to go right until you reach Mark Twain’s cabin. Enter Twain’s cabin and click on him. In the “clues” section, select the image of Mark Twain. Twain will deny having any secret compartment hidden inside of his cabin. On the wall, select the square that’s located 1 down, 2 left. You’ll hear a large “THUMP”. The compartment will reveal itself. It turns out that nothing in relation to Thomas Edison’s lost device is hidden inside of the compartment, but rather the Manuscript of a book that Mark Twain had been working on.

10. After speaking to Mark Twain, the train will suddenly come to an unexpected stop. You’ll find yourself on the outside of the Mystery Train. Speak to the three people standing near you, including the Train Conductor, the New York Times Reporter and George Ferris. The New York Times Reporter will mention that he had heard somebody running passed his cabin (from the direction of Thomas Edison’s room) at the time of the thieft. When you’ve spoken to all three, you will board once again and the train will continue on its scheduled path towards the Chicago Fair.

11. When you’re back on board the Mystery Train, head left until you reach the Luggage Room. You’ll notice a coal smudge on one of the Luggage Bags. Click on it with your magnifying glass. Out of no where, a pair of Scissors will be thrown at you. You’ll now have the Scissors placed into your inventory for future use.

12. You now have another clue to throw at suspects on board the train – the coal smudges. Continue left until you reach Thomas Edison’s cabin. Located right outside of his cabin should be Prune Juice stains left on the floor. Click on the stains with your magnifying glass. You now have another clue to investigate suspects on board the Mystery Train with – the Prune Juice stains.

13. You now need to find out who ordered Prune Juice, as this could lead to the thief. Proceed left until you reach Susan B. Anthony (she will be located in the bar). Click on her and select the Missing Device under the “clues” section. She’ll mention that Nikola Tesla has been locked in his cabin since the theft. Nikola Tesla is now a clue that you need to investigate people on board the Mystery Train with.

14. Proceed left and click on the Porter. Under the “clues” section, select the Prune Juice stains. He’ll say that orders made on the Mystery Train are confidential and are to be kept that way. The Porter will throw the order sheet and walk away. Pick up the Porter’s Notepad. Go into your inventory and select USE under your Pencil. Write on the Porter’s Notepad with your Pencil until the orders are made visible enough. Nikola Tesla had ordered Prune Juice.

15. Nikola Tesla’s order is now a clue that needs to be investigate. Go back right until you reach the Coal Room. Talk to the Coal Man, and select the Coal Smudges under the “clues” section. He’ll mention that left go get a snack at the time of the unexpected train stop – but that he was not near the luggage. The Coal Man is now a clue that needs investigation.

16. Go back left until you reach the Porter (next to Thomas Edison’s cabin). Click on the Porter, and select the Coal Man under the “clues” section. The Porter will mention that the Coal Man was indeed getting something to eat at the time of the train stop.

17. Head back right until you reach the Luggage Car. You’ll notice La Monde Reporter snooping around. Talk to her and select option three. She’ll say that you should dress up as the Porter, then serve Nikola Tesla a drink. Head over to the Porter Closet (located just right of La Monde Reporter, in the Luggage Car). In the Porter Closet, there should be a Porter Outfit. Walk over to it and pick it up. Go into your inventory and select CUSTUMIZE under your Porter Outfit.

18. Put on the entire Porter Outfit and exit the Porter Closet. Go right until you reach Nikola Tesla’s cabin. Click on Tesla’s cabin door. He’ll let you in and say that he wants a refill on Prune Juice. Select the Prune Juice glass located on the desk. Go back and click on Nikola Tesla. He’ll ask for Prune Juice, and more Prune Juice, and even more Prune Juice! Eventually, he’ll need to go to the bathroom. This is your chance to locate the Luggage Key, act fast!

19. The Luggage Key is hidden in a different location every time, so it varies for everyone. You’ll need to click on all of the objects in Nikola Tesla’s room until you locate it. However, there is a catch: You’ll need to locate the key before Nikola Tesla gets back from the bathroom!

20. When Tesla gets back from the bathroom, he’ll ask you to leave him in peace. Exit Nikola Tesla’s cabin and head left towards the Luggage Car. When you reach the Luggage Bag with the Coal Smudges, go into your inventory and select USE under your Luggage Key. The Luggage Bag will open.

21. Woo-hoo, you’ve located Thomas Edison’s device inside of Nikola Tesla’s Luggage Bag! La Monde Reporter will go alert security and Nikola Tesla will be taken into custody. You’ll now return the device to Thomas Edison. Thomas will mention that the device had been running at the time of the theft and that maybe it captured the thief’s image.

22. The device will clearly show Nikola Tesla sitting inside of his cabin – not even close to Thomas Edison and his device at the time of the theft. You’ll now have that Grainy Picture of evidence inside of your inventory. The thief is still on the loose, and it’s up to you to catch him!

23. Thomas Edison will direct you to talk to Nikola Tesla, however he’s being heavily guarded by security. Exit Edison’s cabin and head right towards the Luggage Car. There will be an opening to the roof located inside of the Luggage Car. Climb up on to the Luggage and click “Go Up” when you’ve reached the top.

24. The top of the Mystery Train isn’t an easy task. You’ll need to dodge objects that will be coming towards you. To dodge the large brick wall, you’ll need to duck. To dodge the bag, jump. You’ll need to dodge objects and proceed right until you reach the car with the opening on top of it. When you’ve reached the opening, click “Enter”.

25. You’ll be in the same car as Nikola Tesla. Walk up to Nikola, talk to him and select option three: “Can I help?”. He’ll say yes, but only if you have something to write with. Go into your inventory and select USE under your Pencil. Nikola Tesla will draw a sketch of what his room looked like before he was arrested. It’s up to you to notice the difference between now and then.

26. Head left until you reach Nikola Tesla’s cabin. Go into your inventory and select EXAMINE under your Sketch of Tesla’s Cabin. After you’ve selected EXAMINE, select USE. Click on the Pencil and circle the Briefcase located next to the bed.

27. Exit the cabin and head left until you reach the Luggage Car. Head to the top of the train once again and jump cars (right) until you reach the opening. Select ENTER when you’ve reached the opening and talk to Nikola Tesla. You’ll ask how somebody managed to open his Briefcase. Tesla is just as clueless as you are, as the key is still wrapped around his neck!

28. Head back left until you reach the cabin of Erik Weisz. Click on him and select the Briefcase under the “clues” section. He’ll mention that the Briefcase could have only been picked by an expert – perhaps even himself. That being said, Erik Weisz is now under our clues list and needs to be investigated!

29. Exit Erik Weisz’s cabin and head left until you reach the New York Times Reporter. The New York Times Reporter will notice something suspicious about Erik, and hands you an article from the New York Times that proves he may be Harry Houdini.

30. Head right, back to Erik Weisz’s cabin. You’ll notice that Erik is no longer there, however, there will be a Lock Pick Bag in the middle of the floor. Pick up the Lock Pick Bag and Erik Weisz will show up. He’ll mention that you’ve found his identity, but you’ll need to catch him to find answers.

31. Erik Weisz will jump up and head through an opening that leads to the top of the Mystery Train. Follow him up quickly and continue the chase. Suddenly, a cut-scene of him travelling the train will appear. He’ll eventually fall through an opening in one of the train cars. Simply jump train cars until you reach the car in which he fell through an opening, dodging all objects in the process.

32. When you’ve reached the train car with the opening, you’ll automatically be taken through the opening and down into the train. Erik Weisz will be trapped in a tank full of water. Go into your inventory and select USE under your Scissors. Erik Weisz will ask you to help him out of the tank. You’ll need to use the Lock Pick Bag to pick the locks off of the tank.

33. Use his Lock Picks to lift each pin to the red line. This game varies for everyone, so you’ll need to try your best! If you still don’t understand how to pick the locks off of the tank, please refer to the video tutorials found below.

34. When you’ve picked all four locks off of the Water Tank, Erik Weisz will mention that he’s not actually the thief – but rather trying to solve the case himself. You’ll need proof that he’s not the thief, though. Erik will say that he couldn’t escape the Water Tank because somebody had stole one of his Lock Picks, perhaps the same person who stole Thomas Edison’s device. Erik Weisz directs you to talk to Nikola Tesla and ask what he may have been hiding.

35. Go back right to the Luggage Car. Enter through the opening and on to the top of the Mystery Train. Proceed right until you reach Nikola’s car. Go down through the opening once again and ask what he’s been hiding. Nikola will ask you to pick the locks off of him, and then he’ll talk. Go into your inventory and select USE under your Lock Pick Bag. Play the Lock Pick game once again.

36. Nikola Tesla will talk, and then hand you the Transformer Sketch. When you’ve received the Sketch, head left until you reach Mark Twain’s cabin. Enter it and talk to Mark Twain. Select the Transformer Sketch under the “clues” section. He’ll say that you’ve spoken to everyone on board except for the Mysterious Fellow on the last car of the train. This Mysterious Fellow is now a clue that needs investigation.

37. Exit Mark Twain’s cabin and head left towards the Dining Car. When you’ve reached the Dining Car, click on Susan B. Anthony and select the Mysterious Fellow under the “clues” section. She’ll mention that she saw the security/pinkerton guard (who was protecting the last car) taking a nap. This is your chance to sneak right by.

38. Proceed left until you reach the train car that was previously heavily guarded by security. You’ll need to make it passed this car without waking up the guard! You cannot fall for the trap. To get passed the trap, jump on to the crate. Jump from the crate on to the to the wooden platform. To get passed the can attached to string, you’ll need to jump right over it. This can be a bit tricky so if you ever need extra assistance please refer to our video tutorial below. The rest is pretty straight forward – simply go down to the middle wooden platform and walk right on by. Enter the next train car.

39. You’ve reached the last wooden car, the one in which the Mysterious Fellow resides. Walk up to the Mysterious Fellow and talk to him. Select option two, and the Mysterious Fellow will say that you have enough evidence to collar together a suspect. Let’s get down to business!

40. You’ll need to put the evidence together in the following order:

  • Prune Juice
  • Coal Smudges
  • Luggage Key
  • Briefcase
  • Transformer Sketch

After putting all of the evidence together, you’ll need to take a closer look at the Luggage Bag that contained Thomas Edison’s device.

41. Head right all the way back to the Luggage Car. When you’ve reached the Luggage Car, go into your inventory and select USE under your Luggage Key. The Luggage Bag will open and you’ll need to take a closer look at everything inside. After looking a bit, you’ll uncover the top of the bag and discover several items that are from France. We now know that thief must be from France.

42. Head right until you reach Gustave Eiffel. Click on him and select the French Items in Trunk under the “clues” section. He’ll admit that he’s french, however, the Luggage Bag is actually a lady’s handkerchief. The thief is La Monde Reporter. The train has arrived at the fair.

43. When you exit the train, go left until you reach La Monde Reporter. She’ll start running away, you’ll need to chase her. La Monde Reporter will start to get the guard’s assitance. You’ll need to stay out of reach. Climb up the ladder, and jump from lion to lion (make sure their mouths are closed before you jump) until you reach the platform at the end.

44. When you’ve reached the platform, you’ll need to jump and bounce on several more platforms until you reach the next stable platform. Jump up on to the snake that’s moving up and down, and jump from the snake to the higher platform.

45. Proceed left until you reach La Monde Reporter once again. She’ll get more guards to assist her. You’ll need to jump from statue, to the green light, to the statue, to the green light, until you reach the very end. When you’ve reached the very last statue, you’ll automatically be taken to the top when the guards will tip it over. Quickly proceed left into the Ferris Wheel room.

46. La Monde Reporter won’t be running for much longer. Climb up the Ferris Wheel using the ropes. When you approach La Monde Reporter, she’ll push a crate on to you. Jump on to the broken rope, and it’ll swing you across the entire Ferris Wheel. Climb up some more until you reach the very top. La Monde Reporter will throw the Transformer. You’ll need to jump on to the broken rope (labelled in red) very quickly if you want to save the Transformer before it hits the ground!

47. The swinging rope will take you all the way to the other side of the Ferris Wheel. Climb up to the top and click on La Monde Reporter. She’ll fall from the Ferris Wheel and land in the tank. Jump down from the Ferris Wheel and walk up to the tank. Go into your inventory and select USE under your Transformer. Now, walk up to the Mysterious Fellow. He’ll reward you with the Mystery Train Island Medallion and 50 credits.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Mystery Train Island.

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