Poptropica Cheats for Mythology Island

1. Go to Mythology Island if you’re not already there yet. Hop off the blimp and head to your right and enter the Museum, which is the brown building. Go through the dialogue between Zeus, Poseidon and Hades and then go over to the statues. Find Poseidon’s statue and there, a starfish will be clinging onto his face. Grab it.

2. Exit the museum and go over to the Tree of Immortality. Head a tiny bit to the left and climb up the steps. Then you have to climb up the tree. It may take some time to find the satyr but you’ll find him, eventually. When you do, he will say that the nymphs had stolen and hidden his honey. You will have 60 seconds to find all ten honey pots so you better be quick. When you have done that, talk to the satyr again and he will give you a secret path to the golden apple. Climb up the new path and get to the tip of the branch. Tip the branch off and the golden apple will fall off. Jump down to retrieve it.

Mythology Island Video Walkthrough

3. Suddenly, Zeus will descend from some dark clouds and it all gets kind of dramatic. Anyways, you and Zeus will have a little conversation and when he leaves, there will be a scroll floating in midair. Pounce on it and it will go into your inventory. So inside the scroll, it will tell you what you need to get for Zeus to gain immortality. Jump down the trees and go down the steps and you will see Athena. Talk to her and she will tell you to look for the olive trees for her help.

4. Afterwards, go right, right, right, until you reach the Grove of Temples. Enter the first building you see and go over to the right hand side of the room. Pick up one of the reed pipes and then go and find the statue you need. She will be holding a reed pipe. Ask her to teach you a song to play on your reed pipe. She will put you to the test and you will have to do a memory game that is kind of like Simon Says. Once you have done the test, she will give you a pipe tune for you to play later on in the island.

5. Exit the building and jump off the cliff over to the temple. Here, you have to clean up the graffiti with your mouse for a drachma from the guy in front of the temple. After that, go on the second rising platform and jump up to reach Poseidon’s temple. Go inside and place the starfish from your inventory as an offering. Go inside and you’ll be in a beach. So nice! Go to the left until you find Aphrodite and talk to her. She will give you a test to see how smart you are. It’s just a test on Greek Gods. If you’re a total smarty-pants and you know every single Greek god, then you should ace this test quite easily without my help. If you’re not like that, then here are the answers:

1) ARES.





6. When you have finished the test, she will give you a touch screen mirror which makes life a little bit more easier, shall we say? Go to the left and dive into the water. You’ll have to go through the underwater maze. Do collect bubbles along the way for more oxygen because if you run out of oxygen, then you have to go right back to the start.

7. You should eventually end up at the entrance of a cave. Enter it and go fight the Hydra. You will be faced with an ugly and quite scary looking creature with five heads. You have to wait and then jump on one of the Hydra’s heads to knock it out. Try and time your jumps for when the Hydra is about to strike.

8. Click on the Hydra, now knocked out, and you will obtain a Hydra’s scale. Now, go back to the Underwater Maze and you should find near the cave, a huge clam which opens and closes its mouth which has a pearl in it. Wait for the clam to open and just swim in to snatch the pearl.

9. Go to the Garden of Sphinx and talk to the Sphinx there. She has a short mission for you. She will let you take the flower if you manage to water it. So here, you basically have to pull levers to activate the aqueducts and lower the bridges to get all the water flowing out. Once you have finished, take the flower and go to the pomegranate tree above the Sphinx and take a pomegranate.You will need it later on.

10. Go to the left hand side of the Garden of Sphinx. You will find an entrance which leads to the Minotaur’s maze. Use your pipe to play the tune to match the corresponding colors on the door. Enter when the door opens and go down the steps. Go left until you find the Minotaur. Go inside the maze. When you get inside, Athena will give you some magic string so if you are lost, you can make your way back.

11. As you go along the maze, you will bump into someone known as Pan. He will tell you that there is more than one way to read the bones. Jump up on the platform above him and click on the pillar. The riddle tells you to take six bones away but still leave ten. To do so, just remove six of the bones so the bones spell out the word TEN.

12. The pillar will rise up and you can go down the chain. Go through the maze until you reach the big poster of the Minotaur with holes on them. You have to click on the RED EYED SNAKE three times for you to progress. This one will take you some time.

13. The easiest thing to do is to choose a hole and click when the red swirly eyed snake comes up. Once you’ve done that, go through the exit. You’ll be with the Minotaur. Talk to him and select the second option. He will give you the ring.

14. Head over to the Grove of Temples again. Go to Hades temple and go inside. Use the pomegranates as an offering and enter through the door. Now jump down, down, down into deep dark. You’ll end up at the River Styx. Talk to the guy on the boat to begin your journey across the dangerous, River Styx. You have to dodge the obstacles.

15. First, avoid the spot the falling stalactites are heading at. Then crouch down to make sure the skulls avoid contact with you. Keep on doing this until you reach the end of the journey. Once you reach the end of the River Styx, you will see the Cerberus, a three-headed, growling dog. Play the tune that the statue gave you on your reed pipe. Once the Cerberus falls asleep, click on it to receive a whisker and go back on the boat.

16. Go to the Tree of Immortality. There, Athena will be waiting for you and she’ll tell you to look closely at the five objects you collected. Apparently, they are dangerous! Assemble the five clues so it would end up looking like this: Whoever wields the five sacred objects will rule all of Poptropica!

17. Then Zeus will steal the five sacred objects from you. That traitor! Go back to Mainland and go inside the Hero Hut. Go and find Hercules. He’ll be standing around, being lazy. Talk him up until the third option and Hercules will finally agree. Use the Touch screen Mirror to transport to Poseidon’s Realm. You are now in underwater. There will be a stone blocking your way to Poseidon’s throne room.

18. Hercules will stamp his foot onto the stone and it will fall off. Enter the throne room and ask Poseidon for his help. He will give you his trident. Go back to the underwater maze and speak to Hercules again. Teleport yourself using the mirror, select Hades’ Realm.

19. Click on the stone blocking the entrance to Hades’ throne room, and Hercules will push it away for you with his ‘mighty muscles’. Go inside and ask Hades for his help. He will give you his crown. Teleport yourself back to mainland and you’ll end up outside the gates. It’s locked and that’s one hefty padlock. Hercules will smash through it and you can go inside.

20. You’ll see a snake and you’ll start to panic over it. Hercules will try and deal with it, saying that it’s just a pesky snake. But Medusa pops up and turns him into stone. Then she’ll vanish. R.I.P Hercules. Go to the mountainous area and talk to the blue guy next to the wind wagon. Use your drachma on him and he’ll give you a wind bag. You’ll rise up onto a platform. Climb up the mountains until you reach the somewhat empowering statue of Zeus. Climb up on it and go right to the top. Go up the steps.

21. Get ready for the big one! Inside the throne room, walk to the right and light up all four statues of Zeus. You now have to battle Zeus!

  • Do not touch him, he will hurt you in a way if you do.
  • If he throws his mini clouds, fly around the screen.
  • If he throws his lightning bolts, dodge past them
  • Collect pink clouds to regain energy
  • Shoot, shoot, shoot! (apart from when he has the electrifying power on him)

When you have defeated Zeus, Athena will reward you with your medallion and 100 credits.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Mythology Island.

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