Poptropica Cheats for Nabooti Island

1. Get on the Poptropica blimp and go to Nabooti Island if you’re not already there. Go to the Nabooti African Museum. It’s on the tree. Go to the left, fall down and then head to your right until you reach the huge Nabooti monument. Most of it’s jewels are missing. Talk to the girl and select the third option. She will give you a map of Africa. Leave the museum. Head to your left until you reach the pilot and his plane. Go on it and a Map of Africa should appear on your screen.

Nabooti Island Video Walkthrough

2. Go to the Blue Nile Falls. Fly your plane North-East to a dot called Blue Nile Falls. Once there, jump onto your plane, then jump onto the grassy ledges, and jump up to the top of the cliff where there is a Purple Flower, called the Egyptian Blue Flower. Walk over it to get it. Jump down and then go to the right and climb the grassy hedges there. You should reach an area with a girl, a fox, a chicken and some feed.

3. Talk to the girl and you will have to solve this problem where you have to get all three items onto the other side. It goes like this. First, take the hen over to the other side. Then take the feed to the other side. Take the hen back to where you first started. Take the fox to the other side. Then take the hen to the other side, which will complete the problem. Once you’re done, the woman will tell you that there is a hidden cave behind the large bush on the right hand side of the waterfall. Go to that spot.

4. Click on the bush to reveal the cave. Go inside. Jump on the columns on your right and keep on doing this until you reach the other side. Beware of the spikes falling off the ceiling. Pick up the purple jewel at the end and then exit the cave. Head over to the plane and go back to Nabooti. If you head over to your right, you will see three traders. Talk to the one in yellow, she deals with flowers and herbs and stuff.

5. You will receive a desert turban. Head back to the plane and go to the Kaya Forests. You will end up in a creepy, deserted, what seems to be a forest. Jump on the tree on the right of the last hut you see. Pick up the gold nugget. Then head over to Nabooti. Trade with the man in purple. He accepts cash. Talk to him and he will offer you a camera for the gold nugget. Accept it and then go back to the plane.

6. Go to the Mountains of the Moon. Make sure  Jump over the goats but for the one near the hedge, let him hit you so you can get on the ledge. Talk to the woman with the blue headgear. She will say that she is collecting figs but there is one that she can’t reach. Jump on the boulder on your left and then jump at the fig. Don’t worry, you should be able to reach it.

7. Run to the right, jump over the water (make sure you avoid the falling boulders, they will knock you around), then jump on the hedge above. Jump over the goat and keep on heading to the left until you reach some icy ledges. Jump on the icy ledges, but be careful, they are slippery so take your time. Avoid the falling boulders again, and then go to the right until you reach a man outside a cave. He won’t let you in unless you play the classic game of Mancala with him – and win.

8. There will be instructions on how to play this game but anyhow, your objective is to get the most stones in your tray (the right side). When you have won, you may enter the cave. Go inside and jump down. You will see a cell phone. Pick it up and then jump on the icy platforms. Jump on each column (avoid the icicles falling) until you reach the end. Pick up the red jewel and then leave the cave. Jump down on the main ground and head to the plane. Go to Giza.

9. When you arrive there, make sure you put on your desert turban so the men won’t beat you up. Once you put on your turban, one of the guards will give you a shovel. Take out the phone you found earlier and call the number 5556789 (it says on the shovel).

10. Once you have done that, the workers should leave. When they do, head over to the the tent on the right and pick up the bag. You will receive a moonstone. Jump up on top of the Sphinx and use the moonstone on it. It will open up the passage below. Jump off the Sphinx and enter the passage. Head to your right until you see a block with four rectangles on it. Click on it. This is a puzzle where you have to make the rectangles all horizontal. Follow these steps to solve it:

  • Click on rectangle number 1
  • Click on rectangle number 3
  • Click on rectangle number 4

Once you have completed the puzzle, go to the right and jump on the platforms (STAY CLEAR OF THE SCORPION BELOW!) Keep on going right until you reach the end of this ‘zone’. Go into the next one.

11. Jump onto the small platforms and then go and find the area with the four blocks. In this puzzle, you have to arrange the four blocks so it matches the patterns on the wall. You have to place each block in it’s exact place. This might look easy, but it’s a lot more harder than it looks because it has to be placed in a certain way. Let us label the blocks 1 to 4, starting from the first one you see on the left.

  • Push block 1 off the left hand side of the platform and push it out of the way.
  • Then push block 4 off the right hand side of the platform and let it land on the left hand side of block 1. Push the blocks together in their place (first two patterns starting from the left)
  • Push block 3 off (by pushing block 2 into block 3 but not letting block 2 fall off). Then put it into place.
  • Finally, take the remaining block off and push that block into its place.

12. All of the blocks should be in their exact position. If it is, then the door above will open up and you can proceed. If you have accidentally messed up those steps, you can always try again by pressing the reset button. Use the platform that the blocks first started on to reach the now open door. Jump down the little platforms and run past all the pottery. You’ll arrive at the third puzzle. In this one, you have to jump onto the correct pictures. Otherwise, they will just collapse on you. You have to follow these instructions to make it to the top.

  • Jump on the one with the girl.
  • Jump on the oval above a squiggly line.
  • Jump on the bird and the staff.
  • Jump on the boat and the eye.
  • Climb up the rope and move onto the next zone.

8. Go up the rope. You will find that you are in a room with two large statues of what looks like people wearing headdresses. In this puzzle, you have to pull switches in a specific order. It says on the big tablet in the middle of the room. When you pull a lever, sand will fall and start to rise, so you have to pull the switches fast. Do the switches in this order. Yet again, if you mess up, you can always use the reset button to start again. The correct order is:

  • The fourth column.
  • The second column.
  • The third column.
  • The fourth column.

9. When you have pulled the switches in the correct order, the sand will stop rising and you can go up to the sarcophagus and retrieve the blue jewel. Leave the temple by going backwards.

10. Go to the Kaya Forests and place the red fig down on the ground. The tortoise will wake up and walk over to the fig to eat it. Go to the spot where the tortoise was and dig it up by using the shovel. You will receive an ebony elephant toy and then two ghosts will appear. Talk to the one on the left and he will tell you to give him a Fingo for a reward. Go to the plane and head back to Nabooti. Talk to the trader in blue and she will offer you a fingo for the ebony elephant. If you accept the trade, it will go in your inventory. Fly back to the Kaya Forests and tell the ghost that you have found the Fingo. The ghost will give you a green jewel as a reward. Now go to the Safari.

11. When you have arrived in the safari, run over to the right and talk to a dude known as Big Zeke. You will then have to take seven photos of different wild animals.

  • The giraffe is in the middle, next to the tree.
  • There is a zebra near the stream.
  • In the bottom right hand corner, you will find a Gazelle.
  • The lion is next to the zebra. More specifically, it is hiding behind a bush.
  • On the right of the giraffe, there is an alligator in the water.
  • You’ll find an elephant on the right.
  • You’ll spot a bird in the top left hand corner.

Once you have found all seven wild animals, Zeke will hand you over his old mining hat. Put it on and fly over to Diamond Mines.

12. With your mining hat on, run all the way right, past the electrical fence until you reach a control box. Click on the switch to turn off the electrical fence. It will only stay off for a certain amount of time. Now, run up on top of the big mound of dirt and jump onto the metal thing and run across it until you fall through the gap. Then keep on running to the right and then jump onto the barrel of explosives. Jump through the hole. You will now move on to the next zone.

13. You have to run up a series of ramps, avoiding the carts. Keep on doing this until you reach the chute where the carts start from. Go down. Push the barrel of explosives down to the first rock you see, and then press the bright green button on the wall. The rock will explode. Do the same thing again but push the barrel of explosives down to the end, which will make the wall of rocks explode, revealing a new passageway. Go through it. Push the mining cart, jump in and off you go!

14. In this one, you have to avoid the low ceilings by ducking and jumping over the stalactites when the signs tell you to do so. When you have finished the little mine cart roller coaster ride, jump on platforms to find the big black rock with diamonds inside it. You’ll have to play this mini-game where you find the Nabooti diamond. This will be the final jewel. You’ll know if it’s a Nabooti diamond by the tiny inscription that can only be viewed through a magnifying glass. When you have found it, the diamond will go into your inventory and you can leave via the rope.

15. Congratulations! You have found all the jewels! Now, you have to go back to Nabooti and to the museum. Go down to the big monument and talk to the lady. You will now have to put all the jewels into place using the clues the lady had given you. The correct order is this:

Purple, green, red, white, blue, orange, yellow.

16. The monument will zoom off into space. Seriously. Anyways, you will receive the Nabooti Island Medallion along with 100 Poptropica credits.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Nabooti Island.

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