Poptropica Cheats for Reality TV Island

1. Climb up the rope until you reach the yellow Poptropica blimp. Steer your blimp to Reality T.V. Island. It is located bottom left of the map.

2. Once you arrive, go to the right until you see T.V. World. Go to the top and talk to the man there. He will tell you to change the channel. Click on the T.V. to change the channel. You will then see a Reality T.V. show. It shows an address on the television screen for guidance on where to send in your application.

Reality TV Island Video Walkthrough

3. Leave the store and go into Mike’s Market. Go to the right and click on the man with the magazine. He will drop it. When he does, pick it up.

4. Examine the magazine and go to the second page. Click on the application to be in the Reality T.V. Show. Once you look at it, it will go into your backpack.

5. Go to the left until you find The Wayside Motel. Go into the Motel Office. Click on the pens. They will now be in your inventory.

6. Go into your inventory and select the magazine once more. You will see an advertisement for Papa Pete’s Pizza. Along with the advertisement comes a telephone number in which you can call for pick-up or delivery. Dial the number (555-PETE) on the motel phone. It will ring for Papa Pete’s pizza. Tell them to deliver it to room 4B.

7. Leave the room and go outside. The pizza lady will be there. Talk to her. She will tell you she has forgotten the room number in which she had to deliver the pizza. Tell her that you will take care of the pizza for her and she will leave.

8. Go to room 4B and knock on the door. Say: “Pizza!”. The door will open, go inside and you will see Buckey Lucas, the famous Reality T.V. star. Click on him and say: “I could really use that grand price”. He will give you a stamp for your application.

9. Click on your application in your backpack. Fill it out, you can put any reason for the: “Why do you think you should be on Reality TV?” section. Then, go in your backpack and click on the stamp and stick it on your application.

10. Go to the far right until you see a mailbox. Put your application for Reality T.V. in there.

11. The next day you will be chosen to be on the show! You will find a helicopter on top of the motel waiting for you. Go on top of the motel and hop in the helicopter!

12. You are chosen to be in the competition. You will compete in many different challenges with other contestants. After each challenge, you vote somebody off. Basically, you want to win every challenge, because if you don’t, you have a chance to be voted off. If you win, then nobody can vote you off. The challenges are random and most are fun. Here is a guide on how to play all the games you may play on this island (note: you will not be able play all of the games on this island).

  • Balanced Diet – In this game, you want to try to keep your pole steady. More and more food will be added on your pole to try to make you to lose your balance. Keep your cursor on the center of the dot. If you are the last one standing, you win!
  • Coconut Catch – In this game, you want to catch 20 coconuts that are falling from the sky. There is a bonus bunch that has three coconuts in it. Watch out for bombs that will blow you away.
  • Totem Hop – In this game, you want to be the last one standing. There is falling totems, so dodge those are you will fall too. Click on a totem to go on that one.
  • Shot Put – In this game, you want to throw your rock the farthest. Whoever throws their rock the farthest, wins. One click to set tour angle, and another click to set your power.
  • Hang Glider – Stay in the air as long as you can. Watch out for birds and erupting volcanoes or they can make you lose.
  • Shuffleboard – Click and drag your puck and try to get it closest to the middle part of the target. After three rounds, the player closest to the target is the winner.
  • Water Run – Be the first to bring back your water from the waterfall! You want to have the most water. Watch out for obstacles that will make you lose water.
  • Turtle Shell Toss – Toss your coconut into the turtle shell for points. Whoever has the most points after three rounds wins! You have a choice to shoot it into the shell worth 10 or 20.
  • Knockout – Pull back on a stone to shoot at the other player’s plate. Whoever has most percentage of their plate left wins.
  • Boulder Push – Push your boulder to the end by rapidly clicking. The person who gets their boulder to the end first wins.
  • Geyser Guess – This game is only luck, no strategy. The last one standing wins. Move to each geyser by clicking.
  • Pole Climb – Be the first person to reach the top to win. Click left or right to change poles if things fall on the pole you are on.

Those are all the games. If you make it to the final two, the winner of that game wins. If you lose, you can play the season again, you can play season two if you win. You also get 100 credits and a medal.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Reality TV Island.

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    THX! Took me a few tries, but I won! You're loads of help!

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    u r awsome!!!!

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  9. krysea says:

    hello?? can someone answer my question??

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    its 555-7383

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    HELP whats the address yu put on the mail ARGHH! PLZ HELP!!

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    ugh, as soon as i finished, it went over to the motel and wont stop jumping! How do i get it to stop??? It has the swirly blue arrows and wont stop jumping!

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    a poptropica cell phone code is 5556789

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    For Geyser Guess I always win doing this, First choose a geyser then when the other one explodes stan don the one that just exploded because it doesn’t usally explode again and go on the geyser that just exploded for the whole game and you should win!! 🙂 🙂

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    yeah yeah like if that works

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