Poptropica Cheats for S.O.S. Island

S.O.S. Island, the twenty fourth adventure on Poptropica, was unveiled by Captain Crawfish on December 23, 2011 and released as an early access event on January 26, 2012. It made a public launch on February 16, 2011 and appears to be based off of the tragedy of the Titanic, which sunk after striking an ice glacier in the North Atlantic on April 14, 1912. However, unlike the realistic sinking of the Titanic, the shipwreck of S.O.S. Island is fictional and the cruise vessel is titled the Pequod.

About S.O.S. Island

The Pequod, a large vessel that entertains guests on whale-watching expeditions, suffers a severe wreck during a pleasure cruise in the North Atlantic. It’s your duty as a member of Poptropica to rescue everyone aboard the sinking ship before the ship becomes fully submerged under the chilling waters of the North Atlantic. S.O.S. Island begins with the wreck of the Pequod and then a fellow Poptropican asks you to save the survivors that are trapped on the sinking ship. It’s a tough task to complete, requiring the survival of five members aboard the Pequod — Ishmael, Starbuck, Stubb, Flask, and Captain Boomer. Ishmael, a young and shocked boy, is the first Poptropican you rescue on S.O.S. Island. He’s stuck under a pile of debris in Cabin 6, located along the Cabin Hallway of the Pequod. After rescuing Ishmael, you’ll have to rescue Starbuck, the Cruise Director. She’s surrounded by the risings waters of the North Atlantic in the Ballroom, so you’ll need to think logically to get her out alive. After rescuing Starbuck, you will need to find and save Stubb, the Engineer. Saving Ishmael and Starbuck wasn’t so difficult, but rescuing Stubb seems to be more challenging. After saving Stubb, you’ll receive a Pipe Wrench. Flask, the Cook/Chef, is the fourth Poptropican that you’ll rescue before the Pequod sinks beneath the waters of the North Atlantic.

S.O.S. Island Walkthrough

Rescue Ishmael: You will need to board the Pequod. Simply, make your way to the ship’s top deck and push the large snowball to clear an entrance onto the vessel. You should now be inside of the Pequod. Talk to Captain Boomer on the ship’s bridge to figure out how to unlock the ship’s door. If you miss what he says, simply turn the knob located on the emergency console. You need to enter the room Cabin 6. You can find Cabin 6 on the left of the Cabin Hallway. You will rescue Ishmael from this part of the Pequod. Ishmael, the young and traumatized boy, is buried under a pile of debris. Click on the debris to clear the pile and rescue Ishmael. After you have rescued Ishmael, he will gift you the Whale Song Gadget.

Rescue Starbuck: Enter the ship’s main door, located at the water line. You’ll need to enter the Ballroom, so head left in the Cabin Hallway until you arrive at a door marked “Ballroom.” Once you are in the Ballroom, click on the bottle of Sparkling Cider (floating on top of the frigid waters). Using the Sparking Cider, shoot a cork at each of the two windows in order to flood the Ballroom. Once you have successfully flooded the Ballroom, push Starbuck back to the Ballroom Door. You have saved Starbuck!

Rescue Stubb: Wow! The ship has rotated, so you’ll have to find an alternate route to enter the Pequod. Luckily, I can guide you towards that location: go towards the top of the screen and enter the ship through a hole in the stern. You’ll fall to the bottom of the screen; then, click on the valve to move the crate and reveal a hidden access through the ventilation shaft. Go to the top of the Ballroom and turn all of the arrows until the steam in the pipes is routed to the red pipe. It will explode, revealing an entrance to the Engine Room. Now, you will need to save Stubb. He will turn a green valve and you’ll need to go to the other side of the room and turn the corresponding green valve. Rinse and repeat for all of the colored pipes in the Engine Room. Talk to Stubb and convince her to evacuate the ship — tell her that Captain Boomer has ordered everyone off of the Pequod. You will be gifted a Pipe Wrench from Stubb upon her successful rescue.

Rescue Flask: Congratulations! You have already rescued and saved the lives of three Poptropicans. You will now need to save Flask, the Chef. To enter the Pequod, repeat what you did during the rescue of Stubb, by making your way to the top of the screen and entering the ship through the stern. In the Engine Room, push the pile of junk onto a loose pipe in order to clear a path and then push the propellor out of the way of the exit from the Engine Room into the Ballroom (towards the bottom of the screen). You’ll need to go to the Galley. To reach the Galley, jump up the broken light fixtures in the hallway until you reach the ventilation shaft. Look for Flask (the chef) in the Freezer. You will need to smash the crates and when you find Flask, push him up the ramp into the Galley. To clear a path to the oven, push the crates in the Galley.

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