Poptropica Cheats for Shrink Ray Island

1. Hover your blimp over to what is soon going to be your next Poptropica adventure, Shrink Ray Island. When you’ve arrived on Shrink Ray, you’ll slide down and jump on to a tire-swing. Walk right until you reach the Science Fair.

2. Walk all the way to the end. Talk to the last man, and select option 3. He’ll ask you to go check on CJ. CJ will most likely be located in her apartment on Avenue A. Exit the science fair, and proceed right on Main Street. Go into Avenue A, and head right until you see a door with an orange cat.

3. Walk up to the door, and click ENTER. You’ll now be in CJ’s apartment. Oops! You’ve accidentally let the orange cat into the house, you will now have to get him out. Walk up to the orange cat. He’ll run into the bathroom. Continue to chase him into the bathroom. He’ll run away again, but this time vanishing in the process.

Shrink Ray Island Video Walkthrough

4. Now that the cat is gone, we can look around for some clues. Go left until you reach CJ’s computer. Click on the note located beside the computer. A man will now enter the room and tell you that you’ve been snooping around long enough. He’ll take out his Shrink Ray and shrink you, into a tiny Poptropican.

5. You’re now little. Walk right until you reach a garbage can. Jump over the garbage can, and push it until it falls over. When you have done so, proceed right into CJ’s bedroom. When you’re in CJ’s bedroom, climb up the bookshelf until you reach the top. Walk over to the book entitled “Tesse Tree”. Push it left until it falls off of the bookshelf.

6. It will fall to the ground and form a ramp, in which will be used later on. Go right and exit CJ’s bedroom. Head right, and you’ll see a toy truck. You won’t be able to control it until you find the controller. Proceed right into the next room. You’ll see the controller on top of the fridge. You won’t be able to get this controller until completing the next room, though.

7. Continue right into the next room. Your Poptropican will notice a sheet of paper laying on the kitchen counter. To retrieve this piece of paper, you’ll need to do the following.

  • Push the first object in front of you until it hits the larger fusing object.
  • Go to the end of the kitchen counter and jump off. Move the cat dish left, to just below the edge of the counter.
  • Climb back up, and jump on the cat food. Make sure the cat dish is loaded with a decent amount of cat food before continuing.
  • Now, jump on to the fuse that the fusing object is causing. It will shoot you up on to a ledge above. You’ll see a bottle of oil. Walk up to it, and tip it over from the left side. The oil will start dripping on to the floor, making it possible for you to move the dish.

8. Push the cat dish (full of cat food) right until you’re right below the piece of paper. Jump on to the cat food, and then jump and grab the paper. Grab a purple grape as well, located right beside the piece of paper. This will aid you in retrieving the toy truck controller.

9. Head back to the room with the fridge and the controller. Before you climb up, locate and pick up the Screwdriver located on top of the junk inside the second cabinet. Now, climb up on to the kitchen counter, and head on over to the toaster. Plug in the toaster by first clicking the plug, then following up by clicking the wall. With the purple grape in your hands, jump on to the toaster lever. Wait a few seconds, and it will launch you up on to the next platform.

10. When you’re on the next platform, push the salt left until it’s sitting on the left-hand side of the spatula. Now, with your Poptropican, jump on to the opposite end of the spatula. The salt will then launch you up on to the fridge. When you’re on top of the fridge, grab the controller.

11. Go back left and locate the toy truck. Get in it, and drive. Head back right and enter the room in which you found the controller. Keep going right until you see a garbage can. Get out of the toy truck, and jump on top of it. Now, jump from the toy truck into the garbage. You’ll now be inside the garbage can. To get to the other side, you’ll need to move blocks until you can make it to the note and back. For guidance on this, please see our video tutorials below. With a lot of practice and experiments, you’ll eventually get it.

12. When you have gotten the note and have exited the trash can, it’s time to locate the Diary Key. Get back into your toy truck, and go back left until you reach a TV. Get out of your toy truck. Go into your inventory and select USE under your Screwdriver. You will unbolt the battery container of the truck. Click on the battery inside. You’ll now have the battery. Now, climb up on to the table that contains the television remote. Stand next to the remote. Now, go into your inventory and select USE under your Battery.

13. The remote will now work. Jump on to the big green button. The television screen will turn on. Now, jump over to the TV. Climb up to the top, where the two antenna’s are located. Rub your Poptropican on one of the antenna’s until you see waves of electricity all over your body.

14. Now, climb down from the antenna and on to the top platform of the TV. Next, jump at the green balloon. You’ll stick to it, and it’ll bring you over to a portrait. When you’re on the portrait, go left until you reach the fish food. Push the fish food left until it reaches the end. Tip it more, and you’ll notice little bits of the food dropping into the fish tank below. Jump down into the fish tank while the fish are eating, and grab the Diary Key located in the treasure chest.

15. Go back to CJ’s room. Climb up to CJ’s Diary. Go into your inventory and select USE under your Diary Key. It will unlock itself, only to reveal a page and a half! Do not fear, Poptropicans! We’ve already got the missing piece of the page in our inventory. Simply go in to your inventory and select USE under your Torn Page (found in the garbage can).

16. Now you can see the full two pages. The pages will contain a special message. Climb down from the Diary, and walk over to under the lamp. Go into your inventory and select USE under your Piece of Paper. When you’ve placed the Piece of Paper under the lamp, climb up and jump on to the lamp. Turn it on via its switch, and keep jumping on it until its reached its lowest point. It will reveal a message on the Piece of Paper.

17. Go left and into the first room. Continue left until you reach a shelf in which an action figure of Shark Boy sits. Climb up on to it, and jump on to the silver fan. Stay on the fan until it has reached its lowest point. Now, click the button to turn it on. The fan will reveal CJ’s pink thumb drive. Head on over and pick it up.

18. Go back to CJ’s room. You’ll now need to access her computer. The computer will ask you for a password. The password to CJ’s computer is: M4r13 Cur13. Enter that password into the computer, and click “Login”. You’ll see a message regarding CJ’s Shrink Ray project, close it. Go into your inventory, and select USE under your Thumb Drive. It will upload its contents to the computer.

19. Go right until you reach a bathroom. Enter the bathroom, and climb up on to the counter. Now, jump up on to the pink hairdryer from the toothbrushes. Click the red button, and tip the hairdryer down to its lowest point. Now, run and jump! You should have made it into the bathtub. If not, try a couple of more times or watch the video tutorial below.

20. You’ll land on a pink bar of soap. Push the bar of soap into the bathtub. Now, climb up to the tap of the bathtub. Twist the tap until the bathtub turns on. Next, push the pink soap bar left until it reaches a floating, yellow rubber ducky. Jump on to your soap bar, and then on to the rubber ducky. Next, jump from the rubber ducky to the other side of the bathtub. Climb up to the toilet seat. Go into your inventory and select USE under your Thumb Drive. You’ll need to flush this quickly, so jump up on to the flush lever.

21. Go right and exit the bathtub. Now, exit the bathroom completely. Head back to CJ’s room. Climb up until you reach the the white, round thermometer. Click it, and turn it to hot (anywhere in the red zone). Now, jump down and go left into the first room. You’ll notice that the trash you tipped over at the beginning is now floating. If you didn’t tip it over in the beginning, simply tip it over now.

22. Climb up the floating trash, and jump on to the bed. You’ll pick up a Morse Code Key. Now, proceed all the way to the telescope. When you’re on top of the telescope, put in these coordinates:

  • X = 87
  • Y = 16

23. You’ll see CJ! You will now have to solve what she’s saying via Morse Code. To make this easier, the outcome of the phrase is:

  • Theif is Mr Silva

Basically, you don’t even need to pay attention to CJ. Just type the letters in order when you get the chance to spell out the phrase above. Now, you’ll need to escape the apartment.

24. Head back to wherever you parked your truck. Get into it, and drive it into CJ’s room (if not already). Now, drive as fast as you can into the ramp. It will jump to a cut scene, and then into an obstacle game. If you’d like aid on how to complete this racing/obstacle game, simply view the video tutorial below. Otherwise, you just can’t hit to many things while you’re driving your toy truck over to Mr Silva’s.

25. Eventually, you’ll reach Mr Silva’s. When you’re in Mr Silva’s office, walk left until you see CJ. She’ll say that she’s fine, but that Mr Silva cannot see you two. Unfortunately, Mr Silva catches you and threatens to shrink you even smaller. This is probably the funnest part of the island. You’ll need to hide behind objects when Mr Silva shoots the shrink ray, and run when he is not. For extra guidance on how to complete this, have a look at the video tutorials below.

26. Eventually you’ll hit a mirror. When Mr Silva shoots the mirror, it will deflect his ray and will go back at him. It will shrink Mr Silva, and he’ll be trapped inside a glass of ants.

27. Now, you’ll need to switch the shrink ray from SHRINK, to GROW. Simply click on the arrow located on the gun. You will be zapped back into normal size. You will then be teleported back to the science fair, where you will be rewarded with the island medallion and 100 credits.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Shrink Ray Island.

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      this is how you find Cj after setting the paper that has lemon juice on it under the desk lamp in Cjs room u will find that there is a message on it. the message says to look thro the telescope to find her. Her coordinates r X=87 Y=16 then use the morse code page (that u find in a book on Cjs bed) to reveal the message cj is giving you

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    • Claire says:

      roll the globe over until u can jump onto the chair (you may want to have some places to hide since the globe is heavy and therefore takes a long time to push), then jump on top of the desk and quickly hide from Mr Silva and then run across the desk until you see a mirror which u can hide youself in (like if you go behind it you cant see yourself). Then the laser will rebound off the mirror and shrink him… Hope this helps…. >.<.

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