Poptropica Cheats for Skullduggery Island

1. Ride your blimp over to what’s soon to be your next Poptropica adventure, Skullduggery Island. When you’ve arrived, head right until you reach a large mansion. Enter the mansion. When you’re inside the mansion, go right until you reach two men standing at the end. He will mention that he’s come across an important document, however, some of the text is rather absent.

2. When you’re done reading the document, exit the mansion. Proceed to go left, down in to the lake. Click GO LEFT. When you reach the other side, you’ll spot a Doubloon. Pick it up. Go back right. This time, climb up on to the bridge and proceed left. Go left until you reach the General Store, enter.

Skullduggery Island Video Walkthrough

3. When you’re in the General Store, walk up to the lady. Talk to her and select option 3. She’ll tell you to find a way to get merchants back to her port. Go in to your inventory, and select USE under your Doubloon. She’ll then hand you a Bag of Feed. Walk past the lady and click on the broken mirror. She’ll mention that the mirror is broken and that you can have it.

4. Exit the General Store. Go left until you see a man with two chickens. Go in to your inventory, and select USE under your Bag of Feed. In return, the man will give you a Chicken. Go right until you see a man in a yellow hat beside a corn field. Go in to your inventory, and select USE under your Chicken. The man will then reward you with a Blue Candle.

5. Proceed right and enter the mansion again. When you’re in the mansion, walk right until you reach the two men at the end. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Blue Candle. The ink (text) that was absent earlier is visible under the Blue Light.

6. The men will request that you start looking for pieces of the map. Exit the mansion, and proceed to go all the way left until you reach a wooden lookout tower in which a man in a black pirate hat is standing on. Climb all the way to the top. When you’ve reached the top, go in to your inventory and select USE under your Broken Mirror.

7. Look through the telescope until you see a raft. When you’ve spotted the raft, click on your Broken Mirror in the bottom left-hand corner. You will signal the raft, and it will start heading towards you. A man will get out of the ship and thank you for signalling him out of the lost. He will then proceed to offer you what’s left of his ship (raft), and will wish you better luck than he had.

8. A brown piece of paper will pop up and state the following steps that you’ll need to complete:

  • Visit the trading-posts of the different islands. Compare their prices and trade wisely to amass great wealth!
  • Head to the shipyards at Dragon Cove to upgrade your ship and dominate the seas. And remember, only a powerful, warship can defeat the vile Captain Crawfish!
  • Keep an eye out for talent. Hiring new crew members is well worth the price!
  • Need a loan? Visit the Golden Harbor Bank.

9. Go left and hop on to the raft. Click EMBARK to start your journey. Keep this in mind when sailing: Use the SPACEBAR to raise and lower your anchor. You’ll see a map in the upper-right corner. Your first stop will be Bouffant Bay, the island at the very top-right corner of the map.

10. When you arrive at Bouffant Bay, go right until you reach a man wearing a red bandanna. He’ll say that the map piece is located on 312 Hanging Fern Way, when there’s really no such street on that island. However, keep these numbers in mind: 3-1-2. Go right a bit more, until you reach someone who would like to trade.

11. It’s always good to sell all of your cargo at each port as you need to make at least 3,000 coins to buy the next ship. So, sell all of your cargo to the man. Keep going right until you reach three plants hanging from a building. You must remember, 3-1-2. So, jump up and hit the 3rd plant first. Next, jump up and hit the first plant. Lastly, jump up and hit the 2nd plant. A map piece will fall from the second (middle plant). Pick up the Skullduggery Archipelago Map. When the entire map is assembled, it will reveal a secret island.

12. Go left all the way back to your raft (ship) and get in (by clicking EMBARK). When you exit Bouffant Bay, you’ll notice cargo floating on the water right in front of you. Sail over cargo pieces floating in the water to get more coins. Now, go to your next destination: Parrot Port, located just below Bouffant Bay and on the right side of the map.

13. Dock your ship at Parrot Port. Head right until you reach a lady who wants to trade. Trade all of your cargo, and continue right until you reach a Pirate building. Enter the building, and go left. Climb up all of the floors until you reach the highest top-left point. You’ll see a cracker, pick it up.

14. Go back down and exit the store. When you’ve exited the store, go left until you see a parrot standing on a barrel. The parrot will fly up. Go left until you reach the dock. Jump on to the barrel next to the sign that says ‘Parrot Port’. Jump from the barrel on to the platform. On the platform, go right and jump on to the roof of the next house. Continue to jump roof-to-roof until you see the parrot.

15. The parrot will fly away. Continue to jump roof-to-roof until you reach a roof that contains a chimney. Stand on the chimney for about 5 seconds (to clog the vent), and proceed to go right. Jump from the roof on to the top of the tree.

16. You’ll see the parrot. Click on the parrot, and it will fly again once again. Go back left, jumping roof-to-roof, until you reach the first platform. Climb up the tower. You’ll see a man, talk to him. He’ll say that if you bring his parrot back to him you’ll be rewarded. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Cracker. This will attract the parrot. When the parrot is flying above your heads, click on the man and he’ll reward you with a piece of the Skullduggery Archipelago Map.

17. Head left back to your raft (ship) and click EMBARK. Your next stop is going to be Golden Harbor, located bottom-right on your map. Make sure to sail over any cargo you find on the way as this will help you.

18. When you’ve docked at Golden Harbor, head right until you reach the Trading Post. Trade all of your cargo to the lady. To get the map piece for this island, you’ll need to turn on the first, second, and fourth lights. However, there’s a very specific way you need to do this.

  • First, you’ll need to light up the fourth lamp. This lamp is located just right of the Trading Post.
  • Next, you’ll have to light up the second lamp. This lamp is located left of the Trading Post, above a box of axes.
  • Finally, you’ll have to light up the first lamp. This is the first lamp on the island, so just go left a bit further until you notice it.

When all three lamps are turned on, a piece from the Skullduggery Archipelago Map will descend. Walk up to it, and pick it up.

19. Before you leave the Golden Harbor, make sure to visit the bank to get a loan. The bank is located right next to the area where you received the piece of the map. Just walk right a bit further, and enter the building. When you’re in the bank, go right and climb up to the second floor. When you’re on the second floor, talk to the lady and ask her for a loan. Enter 1047 for the loan amount, and head back to your raft (ship).

20. Your next stop will be the Pirate Outpost, located bottom-left of your map. Don’t forget to sail over any cargo you manage to find on the way. Dock at Pirate Outpost, go left until you reach the Trading Post. Trade all of your cargo. Keep heading left until you reach a cannon. Climb up on to the cannon, and jump up on to the hanging platform. Jump from the hanging platform on to the solid platform and continue right.

21. Jump on to the next cannon, and hop up on to the next ledge. Jump up to Corsair Cannonry. Climb to the top of the building and grab the Cannon Starter Kit located beside the black flag. Climb down the building and go left until you see an Explosive Barrel. Push it until it falls. Jump down with the barrel, and push it right until you reach the fourth tooth of the skull-ish looking rock.

22. Go back left until you reach the cannon. Click it, and it’ll fire at the Explosive Barrel. The tooth will fall and will reveal a piece of the Skullduggery Archipelago Map. Head on over to it and pick it up. Now, head back to your raft (ship) and embark.

23. Your next and last stop is Dragon Cove, located top-left of your map. Make sure to dodge any pirates and monsters on the way. Also, don’t forget to sail over any cargo you may find. When you’ve docked at Dragon Cove, go right until you reach a statue afloat in the water. Jump on to it, and it will reveal a Mallet. Proceed right and push the guy sitting on a box until he reaches a barrel. Now, walk up to the bell. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Mallet. You will hit the bell, and the man will catch a fish.

24. He will mention that there’s something in the fish’s mouth. He gives it to you as a reward. It turns out that it’s the last piece of the Skullduggery Archipelago Map! Go in to your inventory and select EXAMINE under your Skullduggery Archipelago Map. It will reveal the secret Skullduggery Island.

25. Unfortunately, before you can attend Skullduggery Island, you’ll need a bigger boat. So, you’ll need to continue trading at the Trading Posts located on all islands. The best way to trade is to go clockwise through every island. Simply follow these instructions.

Bouffant Bay

  • Sell Silk.
  • Buy Medicine.

Parrot Port

  • Sell Medicine.
  • Buy Spice or Silk.

Golden Harbor

  • Sell Spice/Silk. Whatever you bought at Parrot Port.
  • Buy Grain.

Pirate Outpost

  • Sell Grain.
  • Buy Spice.

Dragon Cove

  • Sell Spice.
  • Buy Silk.

26. Now, we need to begin to hire our crew. Here are all of the crew members you’re going to need to hire.

Cargo Master

  • Located inside Willard’s Warehouse in Bouffant Bay. Enter the Warehouse, and head left. Climb up to floor two and talk to the guy. Select option 3.

27. After you’ve hired the Cargo Master, you’ll need to keep trading in the clockwise cycle shown in step 25 until you can upgrade your ship from the merchant in Dragon Cove. When you have gotten more money and bigger ships, it’s time to gather the rest of our crew.


  • Located inside the Pirate’s building in Parrot Port. When you’ve arrived, go right and climb up to the second floor. Talk to the lady and select option 3.


  • Located in the Corsair Cannonry on Pirate Outpost. When you’re in the Corsair Cannonry, walk left until you reach a guy in a red/white striped shirt. Talk to him and select option 3.

Expert Shipwright

  • The Expert Shipwright is located in the first building on Dragon Cove. When you’re in the building, go left until you reach a man. Talk to him and select option 3.

28. If you don’t have a Warship yet, keep trading in the clockwise cycle demonstrated in step 25. Otherwise, head on over to Skullduggery Island and face Captain Crawfish! This fight should be easy if you have all of your crew.

29. When you’ve defeated Captain Crawfish, head back to Fort Ridley and hand the Skullduggery Archipelago Map to the governor (located in the mansion). He will give you a Treasure Map along with a Bone Shovel. Go back to your ship and embark. Head down to the bottom left-corner of your map. The secret island should be located around that area. If you can’t find it, keep looking!

30. When you’ve arrived on the secret island, go right until you reach a flag. Go in to your inventory and select EXAMINE under your Treasure Map. It will instruct you to take 6 paces further. Take 6 paces. Go in to your inventory, and select USE under your Bone Shovel.  

 31. 2 hours and 4 feet later, you’ll uncover the treasure. Captain Crawfish will appear. Your crew will attack the captain’s ship and Crawfish, along with his crew, will run away. It’s time for you to load the treasure on to the ship. The governor will thank you and reward you with the Island Medallion and 100 credits.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Skullduggery Island.

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