Poptropica Cheats for Spy Island

1. Climb up the rope and hop in to the yellow Poptropica Blimp and guide your blimp to Spy Island, located on the top of the map. Once you are there, go inside the Spy Headquarters building, located next to the Hair Club.

2. Go to the top of the building until you see a screen and a man named Director D. Talk to Director D. and ask “Do you have anything for me?”. He will then hand you a Decoder Kit.

3. Then ask “What else can you tell me?”. Then, go outside and go to the top of the building. There will be a person there. Go talk to him and decode the message he gives you.

Spy Island Video Walkthrough

4. Hop down and go right until you spot a building called Spyglass Eyewear. Enter the building. Talk to the eye doctor and ask for an eye exam.

5. Now, when he points to a letter, say the opposite (Ex. If it’s “W” then pick “M”, if he points to “E” then pick the backwards E). The doctor will know Director D. sent you, so follow him upstairs to his lab.

6. Talk to the doctor. He will welcome you to his lab. He will tell you he has completed an invention called the Chameleon Suit. This suit blends in with your surroundings and nobody will see you when it is on. You will receive this suit. Put the suit on. Go left and head towards the Docks. Talk to the man in the trash can and decode the message you get from him.

7. You will now need your suit. With the suit, they do not know that you are there, but only if you stand still. So, dodge the men and jump to the top left. You will see a door. Go inside the door. Walk to the end and down the three hallways, dodging the dogs. If they get you, they will hit you to the top of the building. You will need your suit for this.

8. Once you are at the bottom, get on the wooden platforms and jump to the top left into the room. Untie the agent and he will give you a Laser Pen, important information on B.A.D., and he will beat the guard by the door for you. Get out of the room and go through the door on the bottom floor.

9. Leave the Docks and go through Main Street and go to Balding Avenue on the right through the Advertisement Room. Talk to the man outside in the bushes and decode his message.

10. Go inside the B.A.D. Bistro and go to the right in the Kitchen and talk to the chef. Tell him you want to apply for the job. To test you, he will tap food items and you have to remember the order. When he hires you, put the chef hat on, and a man with a moustache at the table will ask for a drink. So, have him give you his cup.

11. Go in the Kitchen, jump on the sink, then on top of the heater and go through the tunnel and jump on the lights to get past the man then leave (you will need the fingerprint cup later in the game). Go to the right and talk to the man in the bushes and decode the message he gives you.

12. Go right and through the advertisement room to Toupee Terrace. Try to get to the top of the building. If the light catches you, it hurts you. Jump on to the windows until you get to the top. When you are at the top, you can break through the bars with your laser pen; inside you will find the second agent. He will give you a Grappling Bow Tie and some more information on B.A.D.

13. Exit the building and go left to the Balding Avenue. Be sure to put on your Grappling Bow Tie. Now, use your Grappling Bow Tie on the building by the man in camouflage, get to the top and when it says ” Go Up” click it and it will take you to the Rooftops.

14. Now put your Chameleon Suit back on and use your Bow Tie and aim it towards the left side until it grabs onto land. Watch out for a man guarding it. Then go to the left of the platform and aim your bow tie higher and make it to the right spot to the left of the laser to grab on. Once you are on, go in the room.

15. Go all the way to the right of the room and get a cherry bomb and push it to the pedal so it flings up. You go too. You need to use your bow tie too. Then push your cherry bomb off the platform and it will land on another one. You go too. Then push it on the next pedal and it will fling it next to the cage. Go to the top by the cage and push the cherry bomb by it and the cage will explode and the third agent will walk out, unhurt of course.

16. The agent will hand you some Ultra Vision Goggles that make you see invisible lasers. She also gives you the last B.A.D. document. Now put all the clues you got from the agents and put them together. If you put it together correctly, it will spell: “Laser Hair Removal”. It is a password for something you will do soon.

17. Talk to the man in camouflage right by the Toupee Terrace sign and he will hand you a document. You can decode it by putting the first letter of each line of letters against the folder so you can only see them. The message should say: ”Don’t trust Director D. Now exit the building and leave the Rooftop. Then go to Toupee Terrace again. Go to the right of the room and go up the hill to the B.A.D. Control Canter.

18. Put on those Ultra Vision Goggles so you can see the hidden lasers. Go through the hidden lasers until you get to the end. Once you get through them all, jump on top of the building. Find your way to the door. Here, you will need the fingerprint cup to scan. Go through the door.

19. Go to the right and jump on the moving platforms with lasers by them. When you are at the top, click the computer, you will set off the security and Director D. will be there and let you out. Put in the code.

  • Pass code 1: Laser.
  • Pass code 2: Hair.
  • Pass code 3: Removal.

You will see a teleporting device, enter it behind Director D.

20. Now you will know the truth about Director D. He wears a toupee and he is in B.A.D. He is evil and he plans to take the hair off of everybody in Poptropica. You are also in space so you can jump very high. He will have mini bots chasing you. There will be four. Lead them to the electric balls that will destroy them. Two are in the air. Use your bow tie to get to them. Once you destroy them all, you have to fight Director D.

21. You will defeat him by leading your ship to the ceiling so it breaks. He will give up once it’s broken. You will be back at Headquarters and Director D. will be locked up and you become the new director.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Spy Island. What did you think of Spy Island?

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