Poptropica Cheats for Steamworks Island

1. First of all, go on the blimp over to Steamworks Island. You’ll end up in a lonely, deserted street. Go to Clockwork Cantina and click on the what looks like some broken machinery. You’ll have to complete some gear puzzle. Fit the big gears next to the two gold gears and fit the small gears next to the big brown gears. When you have done that, turn the crank.

2. A multi-tool will fall on the ground. Pick it up and walk to the right. Stop when you reach a garbage bin. Pick up the steam battery and go to inside the Museum on the right. There will be a big yellow machine when you walk to the right. Jump on it and pull the blue lever. The arm will rise up and you will have to jump on the platforms to be able to jump on it. Jump on a bunch of platforms and climb a few green vines until you reach the upper left corner of the museum. You should be able to see a broken display case. Pick up the dirty beaker.

Steamworks Island Video Walkthrough

3. Leave. Go back to the Clockwork Cantina and pull the blue lever. The mechanical arm will extend, enabling you to go to the top of the museum. Run up the arm and walk into the steam chutes to be able to ‘fly’ over the tower. You should land on some glass dome. Use your multi tool to open it up and go inside. Go down the ladder and take a look at the painting and the typewriter. This will give you an important number to remember – 0516. Now, leave the place by using the ladder and when you’re out in the street, go left.

4. Go past a bunch of buildings until you reach the living quarters, a blue building. Tilt the see-saw kind of thing and climb up the available platforms to reach the entrance of the living quarters. There will be a robotic crab. Jump up on him to make him flip over. He’ll drop ‘Sully’s Key’. Pick it up. Oh and pick up the robot crab as well. Go over to the next building on the left. Jump on the steam chute and you’ll end up on a roof. You’ll find an old vine. Pick it up.

5. Jump down and go to the right until you reach Sully’s Steam Powered Paraphernalia. Click on the steam terminal. Use the steam battery on it. Now, this puzzle is a bit tricky. You’ll have to regulate the steam pressure in the steam terminal. This might take some time. I had to spend twenty minutes to solve this! The starting pressure is 10 and the ending pressure needs to be five. Keep playing and adjusting with the valves so when the steam travels through it, it loses five points.

6. When you’re done, just spin the wheel! You can go inside the store now. Go to the right and you’ll find a cute mechanical robot. SPROCKET! If you click on him, he will be unresponsive so you’ll have to ring the bell to wake him up. Go to the junk box. It’s in the left hand side of the store. Pick up the rubber mallet and leave the store. Sprocket will follow you.

7. Go to the right, past Clockwork Cantina, the museum and the gear shop until you reach a metal hatch that is glowing red. That means it’s too hot to touch. Select the robot crab from your inventory and Sprocket will drop the crab onto the hatch, cooling it down so you can touch it. Go down the hatch.

8. When you get down to the bottom of the ladder, make your way through the pipes until you reach a plant monster. Use your old vine underneath the sign that says Caution: Hot steam. It will destroy the plant monster. Move along until you reach a broken elevator on the bottom left corner of the room. Click on the maze with the ball. There, you’ll have to play three levels of Labyrinth. It’s fun but a bit annoying. Just move the ball slowly and carefully. Once you have finished that, the elevator will power up.

9. Go back onto the street and go a bit to the right. Jump up on the spring to reach the lever. You’ll have to jump on it a couple of times so you’ll gradually get higher. Pull the lever and the Hub wheel will move. Jump down onto the street and run up the ramp. Jump on the bit of building and climb up the green vine. Jump up on the moving Hub platform. Then go up the steam chute and keep on moving until you get to the elevator entrance to the ‘Captain’s Cabin’.

10. Uh oh! Sprocket is trapped in something. Go down and click on the three window shutters to snap off the vines and free him. He will talk for the first time. After you have done some talking with Sprocket, he will show you a hologram of his friend, Zack. Go up a bunch of platforms until you reach the painting you saw earlier. Remember the number?  0516? You will have to click on each of the triangles, starting with the innermost rings.

11. You will then have to click on the triangles again when it hits the right number. Just saying, the rings go a bit faster each time so it gets a bit hard but you’ll manage. A secret passage will open up for you! Go inside. You’ll be in Captain Ziggs’ room. Walk over to the left and pick up the bridge key lying on the floor then jump up to take the Weed Whacker. Once you have gotten hold of those two items, leave the room.

12. Go down to the patio which is on the right and jump off it to return to the Hub. Head to the right until you reach an (another) steam terminal. Use the steam battery on it and you’ll be redirected to a puzzle that’s exactly the same as the one in step 3 – only the final pressure has to be 16. Once you’re done with that, the bridge will lower itself, enabling you to go across.

13. Go a little bit to the right until you reach some sort of spring. Pounce on the sprung a few times and you’ll hurl yourself upwards. You’ll end up near a control panel with three levers and a big green button. Pull all three levers down and then press the green button. The huge mechanical ball will head downwards, producing a big hole on the ground. Go down the big hole. Now, first and foremost, you’ll have to press the three red pressure pads on each side of the yellow machine. Then you’ll have to press the two remaining red pads on the machine at the same time.

14. After you have attempted to press the pads – and failed, Sprocket will ask you if you want any help. You reply, asking him to hold down the lever. He’ll do that. Do the same on the other pad. The machine will start operating so the moving platforms will start to turn. You’ll have to do lots of miscellaneous things, like climbing on to the platforms and stuff. Just make sure you get to the top.

15. There’s a red lever on the left wall – click on it to make another set of platforms move up and down. Jump on them and use various platforms and vines and stuff to reach a moving conveyor belt. You’ll have to avoid the green blobs the monster drops. Once you have gone past that and the vines, you can pick up a mech steam motor. Now climb up the hanging green vine.

16. You’ll end up in the Greenhouse. Go to the left and stop when you reach an area that’s on the left hand side of the chalkboard. This is an area for mixing herbicide. Use the dirty beaker on this and mix three parts blue, two parts green and four parts red. Once you have finished, you’ll end up with some herbicide mixture.

17. Go up to the platform above and you’ll see a plant monster. Take it out by using the herbicide mixture. It’ll shrink small, revealing the maintenance closet. Go inside the maintenance closet. There is an old robot in there. Take the Living Quarters key from him and then the alarm will go off! Make a swift exit out of the maintenance closet and climb the green vines above. Use the rubber mallet from your inventory to smash the glass dome, allowing you to escape. Run back to Gear Alley.

18. Run to the blue building (the living quarters) and climb up to the entrance. Use the steam battery on the steam terminal and you’ll be playing the puzzle (again). This time, the ending pressure needs to be 7. Once you have finished the puzzle, the doors will slide open and you can enter.

19. Go to the left and click on the blue lever to enable the platform to rise. Continue making your way through. Jump on the big blue button to make the ladders extend. You’ll have to quickly make your way up the ladder ’cause it falls in a few seconds. Go over to the top left corner and enter the door leading to Zack’s room. Go up to the top left corner and click on the wall. You’ll have to solve another puzzle.

20. Thankfully, it’s not a steam terminal game, which is good, but it’s a game where you have to get the steam from one end to another. It’s timed, so it’s not good. There are three levels to this game. When you have (finally) finished, you can continue making your way up and then you can exit. Go across the green vine ‘tightrope’ and pick up the mech crank. Then jump down to the street and head over to Sully’s garage. There will be a big mechanical machine. Use the steam battery and the mech crank on the mech. It will be repaired and you can now go around it! Sweetness! Better yet, you’ll receive a teleporter which will teleport you back to the mech whenever you’re apart! Awesome!

21. In your sweet mech machine, exit the garage. Head to your left until you reach a doorway covered with vines. Put on the weed whacker and use your spacebar to whack the weeds out to reveal the entrance. Enter. You are now in a storage area. You’ll have to progress through this room, using the spacebar to smash the plant monsters that attack. At one point, you’ll have to leave your mech to power up a lift. Then you can go back to your trusty mech and continue smashing plant monsters until you kill the final plant monster. Go through the big doorway to proceed.

22. Go to the left, left, left until you reach the windmill. Walk up to the sails then Sprocket will offer to help you. You will have to jump up on the brown part of the sail until it reaches the top. Use the multi-tool on the brown wheel to stop the blades. The door should be unlocked now. Enter the mech and go inside.

23. Exit the mech for now and go to the big machine on the left. Use the multi-tool on it and then the room will gradually light up. Zack will then surface from the hibernation chamber and he and Sprocket will re-unite. The mayor will tell you the story of what happened. Suddenly, the room will start to get all shaky and bumpy. Jump on the platforms on the right and grab the toxic blaster which you will be using for the ‘Boss Battle’. Attach the toxic blaster to your mech and go take the elevator down to the final battle.

24. You have to go to the platform above the ground floor to be able to proceed to the ‘Boss Battle’. On your way, kill plant monsters by pressing your spacebar. Then proceed to the BOSS BATTLE.

25. You are now in the Boss Battle. There are three boss monsters for you to kill. Each boss monster gets more harder as you go along. Hard enough? To make things even MORE tougher, acid will start to fill the room from below and if you touch it, then you will have to start all over again. You will have to splat each monster three times before he is eliminated. Let’s start with the first one:

Boss Monster No 1

This one is the easiest of all. In fact, it’s easy peasy lemon squeasy. All you have to do is remember this routine.

Stop. Duck. Shoot.

Easy enough to remember. You will have to duck when his head pops through. Then you shoot. Repeat this procedure three times and then that boss monster will be eliminated. Simple, really.

Boss Monster Number 2

Now, this one is a tad tougher. He will shoot seed pods at you. Once you have shot back the seed pods, you have to repeat that procedure that was mentioned in Boss Monster No 1. Splat him three times and then quickly move on to the third and final one.

Boss Monster Number 3

This one is the hardest of all. He has everything from Boss Monster No 2, but to defend himself, he has these bombs on the ceiling that will throw you into the acid. Not good. Stay out of the way of the bombs then when the coast is clear, just shoot shoot shoot! Remember the basic procedure! Stop. Duck when his head pops out. Shoot when his head snaps back in place. Splat him three times and then voila – you’re done!

26. You’ll be redirected to the hibernation chambers. The mayor will thank you and hand you over your one hundred credits and your medallion!

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Steamworks Island.

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      what you do fort the first is easy, you just get close, then duck when his head pops out, then shoot him when his mouth opens. the second one , you have to shoot back two pods, then duck, then shoot. the third is hard, you have to shoot 4 pods, and avoid the falling bombs, then duck and shoot

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