Poptropica Cheats for Time Tangled Island

1. Climb up the rope until you reach the yellow Poptropica blimp. Steer your blimp to Time Tangled Island. It is located near the top right of the map.

2. When you arrive, go to the right until you see a crying lady. Talk to her and follow her into Pendulum’s Lab. When you are there, go to the right and talk to her again. You will receive a Machine Printout.

3. Go to the left, down the ramp and go to the right until you see an arrow and a machine. Push the machine right to activate the machine. Once you have done so, go inside. Go all the way to the left to the room and you will see what your person will look like in 50 years. Talk to him and say: ”Can you help me repair the past?”. He will give you a Time Travel Device; you can use it to travel to different times and save the future.

Time Tangled Island Video Walkthrough

4. There are many different orders you can complete this island in, I am doing it my own way, so if you want to do it in this order, then follow along.

5. Use your time traveling device and go to 1593 AD, it is on the direct bottom of the device. Click on it and press the knob. Once you are there go to the right and follow the gunpowder tracks that lead to gunpowder. Once you see it, take the gunpowder.

6. Now go up the stairs and watch out for falling bricks, and talk to the man with the amulet. You can win it by playing his memory game. If you get it right, he gives it to you. If you get it wrong, you can try again. Now, use your time traveling device and go to 1882 AD. That is two away from LAB on the left, and press the knob.

7. When you are there, go to the right and jump on the top of the Statue of Liberty and when you get to the top, jump and stay to the left. When you see the Notebook, pick it up, it will be added to your backpack. Now go to 1516 AD, it is four away from LAB on the right. Click on the knob and go there.

8. When you arrive, go to the left and go up until you see a device with many strings. To get to Leo’s Workshop, use the device to get to the top. When you are at the top, go in to the workshop. Go to the top right of the room and hand Leo his notebook. In return, he will give you a Prototype Glider.

9. Leave Leo’s Workshop, and go near the string. Put your Glider on and use it to get the Peace Medal under the board. Now, go to 1805 AD, four away from LAB on the left. Give the Peace Medal to the hunter at the beginning. You have just repaired that timeline.

10. Go to the right and climb up the tree. You will see a gopher; try to get the vase that is on its head. Once you do, it will go in your backpack. Now go to the viking times and once you are there,go to the right and talk to the viking standing there. Say: ”I have your amulet!”. Then you will repair the timeline.

11. Now, go to the right and put your Glider on. Go up the rocks and go to the end, glide until you get to the far right, pick up the Viking Suit. Now go back to the rocks and click on them to put your Gunpowder on it to blow up the rocks. Once they blow up, go in. Now, find your way through the cave and hop on the rocks over the water, make sure your torch doesn’t run out or touch water. Once you are at the end, pick up the Golden Vase.

12. Go to the time 328 B.C., it’s right next to the word LAB on the right; give the golden vase to the sentry on the right. You have repaired the timeline. Now you need to get an item here too. Go to the right and go up and jump on the statues until you get to the roof all the way to the left. Pick up the Phonograph.

13. Go to Thomas Edison’s time and go inside the house and go to the top left and hand him the Phonograph. You repaired the timeline. Now, leave the house and go to the left and hop on the bike and click on top of the left wheel to move it. Once it stops by the tree, go up it and on the top and go to the left of the house and on top of the roof, you will see a Sun Stone, get it.

14. Now go to 1519 AD on your time traveling device. It’s next to Chinese on the right. When you are there, go to the right until you see tall steps. Go to the top and give the Sun Stone to the man on the left. You have repaired the timeline. Go all the way to the right of the room and go up the steps. Talk to the man with the mask. He will say he is too old for it. He will give it to you. Put it on and you will blend in to the culture. The man at the beginning guarding the steps will not hurt you anymore.

15. With the mask on, talk to the man guarding the steps. He will give you goggles for Mount Everest. Go to the Mount Everest time, its next to LAB on the left. Now once you are there, go as high as you can until you see people. Give the man on the right his goggles. You have repaired the timeline.

16. They will continue to climb the mountain, follow them. When you get to the top, you will see a Statue of Liberty model. Pick it up. Go to the Statue of Liberty time, next to the Mount Everest time. When you arrive, go to the left, enter the workshop and hand the man his model. You have just repaired another timeline.

17. Go all the way to the top of the place and go to the left. Give the Stone Bowl to the guard. You have repaired the time line. Now go to the president time period, next to Chinese on the left. When you arrive, go to the right and watch for porcupines. Jump up the windows until you reach the top. Pick up the Salt Rocks.

18. Go to 1387 AD, and go to the top of the middle building. Give the man his Salt Rocks. You have repaired the time period. Go to the right, and then go down until you see a building called Timbuktu Inn. Go in, go to the top floor and talk to the man. He is willing to give you the Declaration of Independence if you complete his puzzle! When you do, you get it!

19. Go back to the president time period. Go in to the house, and go to the right. Go to the second floor and give Thomas Jefferson the document. You have repaired the future.

20. Go back to lab. Go in to Pendulum’s Lab, activate the machine again, and go inside. The future will look a lot better now that you’ve saved it. Now you have a house! Go to the right, up the elevator, and on to the monorail. Use the fan to get on the one above, and then use that one to get on to the land located left. Go on the hovercraft. Jump off when you get to the top. Enter your new home.

21. To get the medal, talk to the older version of you at the far right of the room. He will give it to you and you get 100 credits.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Time Tangled Island.

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