Poptropica Cheats for Vampire’s Curse Island

The Village

• You’ll find yourself in a dark gloomy town with a lady crying to the right.
• Click on the lady and she’ll tell you that her daughter, Katya, is missing along with her boyfriend, Christopher. A message then appears, revealing that the two teenagers have been kidnapped by Count Bram. You must go to the castle and rescue them to gain the island’s medallion. You can talk to the other people in the area to get some more background information on the two teenagers.
• Walk all the way to the right to go to the next area when you’re done. The next area has nothing interest around, just two signs pointing towards the village and Bram’s castle. Continue on to the right and you’ll find a guy sitting on a rock.

Vampire’s Curse Video Walkthrough

Wolf Forest

• Click on the guy and you find out that he is Katya’s boyfriend. He tells you that Bram has taken Katya away and that he isn’t interested in rescuing her since there are other cute girls around. Looks like you’re in this alone.
• Jump up on the tree and onto the rocks above. The screen will then pan to the left, revealing a wolf behind you, much to your terror. The wolf lunges at you and takes a bite, knocking you away, before disappearing to the right.
• Jump up onto the rocks again then jump down below. You’ll find the wolf running back and forth, knocking you away every time it passes by. You’ll need to make the wolf go away.
• Go to the large tree to the right. You’ll see an opening in the tree, just to the left of the torch.
• Click on the opening to hide inside. Your character will then mention that the branches can be used as a weapon. The lowest branch on the left can be used for that purpose
• Wait for the wolf to pass by. When it gets close to the branch, click on it to knock the wolf away.
• Click on the opening to get out of the tree and may your way to the right, avoiding the spikes along the way.
• Jump up the steps then make your way to the left once you reach the top.
• Grab on to the rope then jump to the platform to the left.
• Jump up on the large tree branch and the wolf will appear once again. He runs towards you and knocks down the branch you were on, making both of you fall down. You will gain a “Log” upon dropping down which will be needed later.
• Get back to where you were before the wolf appeared and continue to the left, traversing through four ropes to get to the end.
• Climb the rope and go to the right, where a nasty surprise awaits you. The wolf appears once again and knocks you back before running away.
• Continue on to the right through the rope bridge and you will see the wolf blocking your way, making any passage impossible.
• Go back to the end of the bridge and click on the rope attached to the ground. Your character will cut the rope, dropping the bridge and the wolf along with it.
• Jump down and move to the right and you will see the fallen bridge has become a set of steps.
• Jump up on the rope bridge/steps and move to the right to get to the next area.

Graveyard/ Castle Grounds

• Make your way through the graveyard where you will find a bunch of tombstones along the way that you can read. You’ll eventually come upon an open Mausoleum that you’ll need to enter.
• Climb up to the entrance and click on it to enter.
• Click on the book, a “Teen Vampire Novel”, and the “Crowbar” to pick them up before making your way back outside.
• Make your way to the right and you will pass by a boarded up mausoleum and a water pump in front of a gargoyle statue. You will eventually reach a pit that prevents you from going any further.
• Go back to the boarded up mausoleum and click on the drain pipe attached to it to break a piece off.
• Carry the drain pipe and place it in front of the gargoyle statue. Jump on the water pump lever, which will shoot water out of the gargoyles mouth. The water will enter the drain pipes opening on the left and come out on the right, filling up the pit with water. You may have to adjust the location of the drain pipe to allow water to enter it.
• Swim across the water and jump out of the pit.
• Jump up the steps below the stone arch and click on the entrance to enter the next area. The main door to the castle is in this location, unfortunately, the way is barred. Fortunately, there is another way to enter the castle.

Castle Entrance

Below the main door are four fountains. You need to block three of the fountains with rocks which will increase the pressure of the last fountain and make it strong enough to propel you to the top part of the entrance. Two of the rocks are to your left when you enter the castle entrance while the third rock is up to the right.

• Push one of the rocks towards the fountain to block it.
• Use the crowbar to free up the other rock before pushing it to another fountain.
• Move to the right until you see a drop. Before the drop is a series of ledges you can climb.
• Climb up these ledges until you see the rock.
• Push the rock to the left and it will drop on a fountain. Jump on the water stream of the remaining open fountain and propel yourself to the ledge on top of the main entrance. Go to the broken window to the left and click on it to enter the next area.

The Library

You’ll find yourself in a dark library with little visibility around you. Let’s try to solve that problem. There is a glowing fireplace to the right that need to have a fire restarted.
• Go in front of the fireplace and click on the Log and the Vampire Teen Novel to use them on the fireplace. Wait for a few moments until the fire builds up and the entire hallway will be illuminated.
The goal of this area is to light all of the chandeliers hanging from the roof. There are a number of candles near the fireplace to the left you can use to light up the chandeliers.
• Go to the ladder to the right of the candles and push it towards the bookshelf to the left of the fireplace.
• Grab and candle and stand in front of the fireplace to light it.
• Quickly climb up the ladder to the top of the bookshelf then jump on the ledge to the left.
• Move to the left and Jump up on the smaller ledge on the wall and from there, jump on the chandelier to light it up.
You’ll need to light the chandeliers to the right as well, unfortunately, your candle has already been used up.
• Repeat the whole process by going down, getting a candle and lighting it on the fireplace. Make you way to the chandelier you’ve recently lit then jump on the next chandelier to the right.
The next two chandeliers can be found farther to the right, unfortunately, your lighted candles won’t be able to make it that far.
• Repeat the whole chandelier lighting process, but when you get a candle, jump over the fireplace to prevent the candle from lighting up.
• Make you way to the second chandelier and light your candle.
• Jump on the ledge below then jump on the third chandelier to the right to light it up.
• Repeat the whole process once again and make your way to the third chandelier where you can light the candle up.
• Jump on the ledge to the right and jump on the smaller ledge farther to the right on the wall. From there, make your way to the last chandelier to light it up. The whole room will light up, making everything visible inside.
• Jump down and make move to the left, beyond the fireplace and the bookshelf with the ladder. To the left of the bookcase is a statue and just to its right is a “Glass Eye.”
• Click on the Glass Eye to obtain it.
• Climb up to the top of the book case again and you’ll find a tiger’s head mounted on the wall and missing an eye.
• Use the glass eye on it to put it in and the tiger’s mouth will open, revealing the “Armoury key.”
• Jump down below and run to the left until you reach a locked door.
• Use the armoury key on the door to unlock it and enter.


• You’ll see a “Crossbow” above, inside the armoury. Jump up towards it to get it.
• Run to the left until you reach the end and you will see a cannon.
• Click on one of the cannonballs on the ground to load it in the cannon.
• Go out of the armoury into the hall. Grab a candle and light it on the fireplace.
• Go back into the armoury and walk on over to the cannon.
• Jump up towards the wick to light it up. The cannon will fire and the resulting force will move it, making it point to the right.
• Fire up the cannon again by repeating the last few steps. This will make the cannon point up.
• Fire the cannon one last time. You will notice one of the cannonballs in the library as you try to grab a candle. Ignore it for now. Firing the cannon this last time will make a hole in the ceiling and give you access to the room above.
• Jump on top of the cannon and into the room above and grab the “Bucket” you find there.
• Go back to the library by jumping back down into the armoury and exiting through the door.
• Remember the cannonball? Push it to the fireplace where it will heat up and glow.
• Get the poker to the right of the fireplace and use it to push the hot cannonball near the dumbwaiter, which can be found before the entrance to the armoury.
• Click on the lever near the dumbwaiter to make it go down
• Push the hot cannonball into the dumbwaiter. Leave it there for now.
• Move to the right of the library until you reach a chained up door.
• Use the Crowbar on the door to open it up and then go outside.
• Go near the stream of water and use the Bucket to fill it with water.
• Return to the room where you got the Bucket by going through the library and the armoury.
• Choose the Crossbow from your inventory. What you have to here is make a series of steps with the arrows from the Crossbow. Aim the Crossbow with the mouse and fire it by pressing the space bar. Pump the wall full of arrows just to be safe.
• Climb the wall by jumping on the arrows onto the room above. Stepping on the arrows will dislodge them from the wall so do it quickly.
• Go to the boarded window and use the Crowbar on it to open it up. Light will enter the room and shine upon the plant.
• Use the Bucket of water on the plant and watch it grow to gigantic proportions.
• Go outside through the window and you will see the growing plant climb one of the castle towers.
• Jump up the steps to the right and climb up the stalks of the giant plant until you reach the top of the tower.
• Click on the window to enter the laboratory.

The Laboratory

• Walk to the end of the room on right and you’ll see the dumbwaiter.
• Click on the lever and the hot cannonball you left earlier will roll out and come to a stop under a green flask. The flask contains a plant that wilts because of the cannonball’s heat.
• Click on the wilted plant to obtain the “Wolfsbane.”
• Next to the green flask is a table. Click on the pile of papers on the table to get “Count Bram’s Notebook.” The book gives you some background on Count Bram and it also mentions the ingredients needed to cure vampirism. They are the Wolfsbane, the Garlic Extract and the Mandrake Root. For a little fun, you can click on the big bottle with the faucet containing a tomato. I won’t spoil it for you.
• Jump up on the shelves to the left of the table and above the door. On the top shelf, to the right, you will see a flask. Click on it to get the Garlic Extract.
• Click on the wooden door to exit the laboratory. Outside, you will see another door to your right. Enter it and you’ll be in the Count’s chamber.

The Count’s Chamber

• Go to the middle of the room and jump on top of the empty coffin then jump on the platform to the left.
• Jump onto the big cage to the right, where you will see Katya. Talk to her and she’ll direct you back to the library. There you’ll find the book needed to locate the mandrake root.

Locating the Mandrake Root

• Make your way back to the library.
• Move the ladder to the bookshelf on the right side of the fireplace.
• Climb the ladder to reach the top of the shelf. On the top shelf, to the right, you will see a green book.
• Click on the book, “Root Causes”, to obtain it. Reading it will tell you the location of the mandrake.
• Make your way back to the graveyard through the main entrance of the castle and move to the right side of the area.
• Equip the Crossbow again and fire bolts onto the wall on the right.
• Climb up the wall. On the top, a bit to the left, you will see a plant with its roots sticking out. This is the mandrake.
• Jump towards the mandrake to get the “Mandrake Root.”

Making the Cure

• Return to the library by way of the armoury and through the window with the giant plant.
• Go to the table where you got Count Bram’s Notebook and click on the microscope. You be shown a screen displaying a set of vampire cells and the ingredients you’ve gathered.
• Get one drop of Mandrake Root and three drops each of Wolfsbane and Garlic Extract with your dropper. Click on the cells to see their reaction. If they turn into healthy cells, you will obtain the “Anti-Vampirism Serum.”

Freeing Katya

• Return to the Count’s Chamber and move to the right side. You’ll see a doorway blocked with iron bars. Beside it, there is a cane with one end sparkling.
• Click on the cane to use it. You will be shown a view inside of the barred doorway where you will see key hanging on the wall by a loop of thin rope.
• Point the cane towards the top portion side of the loop before clicking on the mouse, which will move the cane forward.
• If you’ve got the position right, just hold on to the mouse button, move the cane up and the key will come off the wall. You just got the “Cage Key.”
• Jump up onto Katya’s cage and use the key on it to release her. Before you get a chance to celebrate, Count Bram comes back and he ain’t happy about what had just happened. You and Katya will then try to escape by jumping through the window.
• Follow Katya by going to exactly every place she is going. Count Bram will try to chase you but you can use the garlic to keep him away. Count Bram will corner you at the top of the castle, but thankfully, you have your secret weapon with you.
• Aim your crossbow and fire the serum into Count Bram, who will knock you away from the top of the tower. All of you will land in the library where you will witness Count Bram turning back into a human. After a short ending sequence, where Christopher comes back for Katya, you will finally obtain the Island Medallion.

The story doesn’t end there though. You find out that Christopher has been turned into a vampire before turning you into one as well. You will then assume the form of a vampire bat. To make things worse, the vampire slayer, Cactus Von garlic arrives to hunt you down. In this bonus mission, you must once again hunt down the ingredients to make a vampire cure.

Getting the Garlic
• Fly to the top of the library from the fireplace until you see a hole in the wall. It is near the third Chandelier from the left.
• Click on the hole to enter. The room is filled will red spiders hanging from their threads.
• Fly to the right while avoiding the spider until you see the Garlic. Click on it to obtain one.

Getting the Wolfsbane
• Go back out to the library where Von Garlic is waiting with his crossbow. Aside from knocking you away with his crossbow bolts and making you go “OUCH,” Von Garlic is mostly harmless.
• Fly to the left, towards the door that Von Garlic is standing in front of.
• Click on the door to go outside onto the Castle Entrance.
• Fly to the left and click on the stone archway to get to the Graveyard.
• Fly towards the left until you get to the closed up mausoleum, the one with the drain pipe attached to it. You’ll see a hole on top.
• Click on the hole to enter the mausoleum and inside, you’ll find the Wolfsbane on top of a statue. Unfortunately, a couple of thorny vines block your way.
• Make your way to the Wolfsbane in the middle of the room while avoiding the thorny plants. Click on it to obtain it before making your way back outside.

Getting the Mandrake Root
• Fly to the very left of the Graveyard to and click on the exit to go back to the Wolf Forest.
• Fly to the left until you reach the remains of the rope bridge before going down. Fly down just a bit down before swinging back to the right. You will see a flight of stairs with a blocked doorway on top. Good thing you’re small enough to squeeze through the entrance now.
• Click on the doorway to enter and you’ll find yourself in a root filled cave.
• Navigate your way around to the right until you reach the end of the cave. To the bottom right of the area, you will see a root with leaves sticking out from it.
• Click on the root to get the Mandrake Root before getting out of the cave.

Making the Cure
• Make you way back to the castle entrance. Fly to the top to get to the laboratory and click on the window to enter.
• You’ll mix up the cure automatically and turn back to normal, leaving Von Garlic flabbergasted. Congratulations! You’ve now completed the island.

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