Poptropica Cheats for Wild West Island

1. Head to Wild West Island. That is, if you’re not already there yet. Go right until you reach a horse stable and a cowboy trying to control your soon to be new horse, Elmer.

2. Talk to the cowboy. You will now have to tame it. This gets a bit frustrating but you’ll get it eventually. Just keep your cursor over the white one. When you have successfully tamed Elmer, you will get a horse whistle incase you and Elmer get separated.

Wild West Island Video Walkthrough

3. Go left until you reach a lady with a blue costume on another horse. Talk to her and then she’ll give you a letter for you to give to the Marshal located in the Diamond Plains. You can now leave town.

4. When you have left town, make sure you pull down that map on the top right hand corner to see the Diamond Plains. When you have arrived there, go all the way right until you reach the saloon.

5. Go a bit to the right and there you’ll see two bearded guys who are throwing gum. Click on them and you’ll ask them where Marshal Taylor is. They’ll tell you that they are in the middle of a game. Join in the game. The deal is, if you win, they’ll tell you where the Marshal is.

6. Throw your gum and aim for the pot. If you’re not so good at those kind of aim and throw games, it may take a couple of tries but you’ll win eventually. When you do win, the guy in blue will tell you that the Marshal is the snoring dude at the end of the saloon.

7. Tell him that you have a letter for him. He’ll wake up but apparently he’s drunk and/or lazy so you’ll have to read it. Unfortunately, he cannot help you, so now you’re the new Marshal. He’ll give you his badge and now it’s up to you to face the El Mustachio Gang.

8. Put the badge on and leave Diamond Plains. Go back to Dusty Gulch and go get your picture taken. The cameras are old so you’ll have to hold the camera still until the picture develops. You’ll get your portrait.

9. Go right, all the way back to Diamond Plains and enter the Marshal Building. Click on the guy near the door and talk to him. Use your portrait and then the guy will give you a pea-shooter. As soon as you receive it, you’ll notice that the building is shaking. Uh-oh, it’s a jail break! The El Mustachio Gang is rescuing the jailed person. You have to go after them.

10. Get out of the building and follow the Mustachio Gang’s horses until they just go off free in the train entering tunnel. They manage to get away. Go to Dos Cactos. Enter it by the shooting contest side. Go right until you reach the shooting contest. Enter the shooting contest. You’ll face a few contestants.

11. When you win, go up the hill to the Casino, where you’ll soon be playing a little fun game of SLAP JACK. Go up the stairs and talk to the guy with the ridiculous glasses. Basically, in this game, you just place a card in the middle of the pile. If it’s a Jack, then place it on and quickly slap it. You’ll get all the cards from that pile. Be careful though, some opponents like to trick you so they move the Jack. Make sure that the Jack is properly placed on the pile. Otherwise you lose a card.

12. When you win, you’ll get a map for gold. Leave the town and head over to Rock Ridge. Talk to the cowgirl with the red hair. She’s distressed. She had lost her cow. When you are done talking to her, she’ll give you a lasso.

13. Leave the town and activate the lasso by pressing the spacebar, like you do with store items. Follow the trail of hoof prints and you’ll find the cow. As soon as your lasso is aimed at the cow, press the spacebar. You have caught the cow. Take her to the Ranch.

14. After you’ve done that, go back to Rock Ridge and talk to the ginger cowgirl. You’ll receive an ‘Old Saddle’. She’ll say something about five more cows. Just ignore her and go right over to R.J Earls. You’ll see him giving someone a potion which made him look like air.

15. Innocently turn back and leave town to lasso those five cows the cowgirl was talking about. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE THEM IN THE RANCH! When you’re done with that job, you can go back to the Rock Ridge and talk to the girl again. She’ll give you a Rattlesnake Wrangler.

16. Go to the Dusty Gulch and head to the Trading Post. Ask the trader what you could trade for the old saddle. He’ll offer you the gold pan or the oil can. Take the gold pan. Go to the star that has no name. You have to examine it. You now have to pan for gold. The location that twinkles is most likely the spot where you’ll find the gold. When you locate and find the gold, you’ll receive a gold nugget in your inventory. Much better than a chicken nugget!

17. Go to the Dusty Gulch and trade again. Now you have to trade your pan for the oil. Go to Diamond Plains. Find the guy with the dungarees and orange facial hair. Go inside. When you enter, you have to pull levers, push boxes and jump on platforms. Make sure you get to the top. When you do, you’ll see a big circle with gears and other mechanical objects. Use the oil. You’ll get a closer look at the machinery.

18. You have to do is spray the gears that connect from one big silver gear to the other. Leave that place and go to Rock Ridge. Go to R.J Earls and use the gold nugget to purchase the elixirs. He’ll give you one of everything. Go to Diamond Plains (right star) and dismount off Elmer. Ride the train to Dos Cactos.

19. The train is being robbed! Just shoot, shoot, and shoot. You can use the concentration carbonate to make them freeze but use it wisely as the supply is limited. You have to shoot each person three times.

20. When you have gotten past the train robbery part, get off the train and talk to the guy with the weird head. He wants a blue tulip. Go on the train to Rock Ridge. When you have arrived there, go past the coal and go right until you reach a bit of rope. Climb up and go left. There will be a canary with a key. Shoot it to make it drop its keys. Pick it up as you go right. Keep on walking to the right until you reach a door. Open it up with the key and go inside.

21. When you’re inside, go right a little bit. Rocks will fall. Jump on to the mining cart and off you go. You have to shoot at the targets as you go along. You’ll stop. Now go up and pluck out the blue tulip. Rocks will fall again and you’ll end up in a place where there’s a rope. Go up. There’s a cow as you go up. When you have finished going up, go right. Stop when you see a crying person. He will say that you are too late and that the Mustachio Gang had already taken everything. Take the piece of map above the poor guy’s head.

22. Now go back to Dos Cactos. Give the blue tulip to the guy with the weird head. His head will shrink back to it’s normal size. He’ll give you the other piece of the map. Leave Dos Cactos and go to the un-named star on the left hand side of the map (not the right hand side). Go to the right. A few members of the Mustachio Gang have detected something! Use the transparency tonic to make yourself less noticeable and sneak past them.

23. You will now have to face the El Mustachio Gang. Get ready, as this will be the biggest part of the island. Go inside the cabin. You will have to eliminate every one apart from the boss, El Mustachio Grande. We have constructed a nifty guide to help you eliminate everyone. You can find the guide below.

  • Girl In Purple – Shoot at the bags of money above her. When they spill, use the Concentration Carbonate and shoot her.
  • Guy In Blue – Shoot at the candle wick, which will cause the candle to burn and put the rope on fire. Use the Concentration Carbonate to eliminate him.
  • Orange Bearded Guy – Shoot the gun on the stone mantelpiece. Use CC.
  • Sombrero Dude – Hit the root beer, which will topple off and fall onto the wheel. Take him out using CC.

24. El Mustachio Grande will run away on his horse. Chase him quickly, then lasso him. Take him to Diamond Plains. El Mustachio Grande will be sent to jail for good.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Wild West Island.

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