Poptropica Cheats for Wimpy Wonderland Island

1. Hover your Poptropica blimp over to your newest adventure, Wimpy Wonderland. When you land on the island, hop off and go left until you see Greg Heffley. You will find out that Manny’s missing. Talk to him, and select ‘Where do you think he might be?’. Greg will mention that you should go to his house and look for clues.

2. Follow Greg by going left, passed Surrey Street. Greg should be standing outside of his house. Greg will say that Manny is not in the house. Go in to the house anyways. You will see Greg once again. This time he will encourage you to look for clues. Go left until you reach a locked door. Greg will say that you need a credit card or something like it to unlock it.

Wimpy Wonderland Video Walkthrough

3. Go right until you reach the stairs. Climb up the stairs, go in to the right room and pick up the Address Book. Now, go all the way left in to the other room and pick up the page from Greg’s journal. After you’ve picked that up, go right until you reach Manny’s room. Enter the room, and go left until you reach the window. Click EXIT.

4. Now go all the way left until you reach Rowley. Talk to Rowley, and select the third option: ‘Which way did they go?’. You will see Manny speed down on a bicycle, running you over. Continue going left until you reach the last house. Click ENTER, and talk to the lady inside. Select the third option: ‘Can you help me look for him?’. She will mention that she can drive you around and help you look for him if you can shovel her driveway.

5. Exit the house, and go all the way right passing Greg’s house. You will notice a Rumble Bike near the Fast Mart, pick it up. Continue further, and you will see Manny! Chase him up the tree by jumping branch-to-branch. When you guys reach the top, he will jump and escape. Now, jump down like Manny and pick up the Carrot beside the kid and his mom. The mom will let you have it.

6. Go right until you reach a school. You’ll see Manny once again! He’ll climb up the school and jump into the top window. Continue right until you see a Garbage Can. Push it on to the sea-saw, and hop on to the other side. Climb up the tree. You’ll notice a piece of paper, pick it up. It’s the Locker Combination that we’ll need in a bit. Continue climbing the tree until you reach the highest you can go. Jump down on to the opposite end of the sea-saw in which you placed the Garbage Can.

7. The Garbage Can will fling up on to the school. Go left until you reach the trash bin located right beside the school. Jump on to it, then jump on to the school. Go right and hop on to the other side of the Garbage Can that you just launched. Push it left until you reach the window in which Manny climbed in to. Hop on to the Garbage Can, and jump on to the window ledge. Enter the window.

8. You’re now inside of the school. Go left until you see Manny. Chase him until he leaves the school and escapes once again. Go back left until you reach the locker that you can click (the lightest locker). Click it, and crack the combination! The locker combination is: 9, 37, 19.

9. When you’ve cracked it, you’ll find the Twisted Wizard Game Guide. Go right and leave the school. Go left until you reach Greg’s house. Walk up to Greg. Go in to your inventory, and select EXAMINE under the Twisted Wizard Game Guide. Play the game. Greg will thank you for helping him beat that level, and will ask you to return the game to Rowley.

10. Greg will give you the Twisted Wizard Game. Exit Greg’s house. Go left until you reach Rowley’s house (you will see Rowley through the window). Knock on the door. Rowley’s dad will say that he can’t come out to play. Go right, and jump on to the car in the driveway. Quickly run back and hide in the bush located left of the door. When Rowley’s dad walks out to see what happened, enter the house.

11. Go right and enter Rowley’s bedroom. Hand Rowley the Twisted Wizard Game. He will give you a Joshie Fan Club Membership Card. Exit Rowley’s house, and head right all the way back to Greg’s house. Enter Greg’s house. Go left until you reach the door that you can only unlock using a credit card. Go in to your inventory, and click USE under the Joshie Fan Club Membership Card.

12. You’ll open the door. Enter, and click EXAMINE on the power switch (located on the wall). Click Rodrick’s Room. The power will get cut off and Rodrick will walk out mad. Go in to Rodrick’s room and pick up the Dog Dish. Go back up, and exit the house. Go in to the garage and pick up the Leaf Blower.

13. Exit the garage, and go left until you reach a snowman. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Carrot. The snowman will then ask if you can ‘him’ out of there. Go back in to your inventory and select USE under your Leaf Blower. He will give you a Bingo Troll.

14. Go all the way right until you reach the Leisure Towers. Proceed right until you reach the second tree. Hop on to the tree, and bounce up on to the Leisure Towers. Click GO UP. Climb up all of the windows without getting hit back down! When you reach the second stage of windows, they will start throwing stuff at you so be extra careful. On the third stage of windows, they will start throwing things faster. Climb all the way to the top of the third stage and enter the top-right window.

15. Talk to the old man and select option three: ‘Where is Manny?’. The old man tells you that he’ll discuss it over lunch. This game is a bit tricky. You need to click as fast as you can, and when I say that, I mean literally – as FAST as possible.

16. The old man will show you security camera footage of Manny passing on a scooter at the front of the Leisure Towers. Go right and exit the old man’s apartment. Go left and enter the elevator. On the list of floors, click the L in the bottom left corner. Go left and exit the building.

17. Go right until you reach the Whirley Street Kids. They will be throwing snowballs at you, so watch out! Dodge the snowballs, and pick up the Snow Shovel. Go left and get out of there! Proceed left, passing the Leisure Towers, all the way to the Old Lady’s house (other side of the island). Walk up on to her driveway. Go in to your inventory, and select USE under your Snow Shovel. This game is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is shovel all of the snow off of the driveway.

18. The old lady will thank you for shoveling her driveway. She will tell you that she’s going to play bingo at the Leisure Towers before helping you look for Manny. Go right all the way back to the Leisure Towers. Enter the Leisure Towers, and walk right. Click GO RIGHT when you reach the entrance to the other room, and enter. Walk up to the Old Lady. She’ll tell you that you’re welcome to be her guest, but you’ll need to find your own Blotter as she needs hers to play.

19. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Bingo Troll. This will be used as your Blotter. This game is fairly easy. You have three bingo cards. The numbers will float across the screen, giving you enough time to find the match on any of your three cards. First to get a bingo wins, so make sure not to miss any!

20. When you win, the Old Lady will hand you a Classical Music CD. Head left and exit the Leisure Towers. Proceed left, passing the school all the way to the Fast Mart. Enter the Fast Mart. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Classical Music CD. You will enter the Classical Music in to the radio. Click the radio, and increase the volume to the max.

21. The person at the store will give you a No-Freez Wiper Fluid. Exit the Fast Mart, and head right all the way passed the school. Stop at a guy standing beside a truck. Talk to him. Go in to your inventory, and select USE under your No-Freez Wiper Fluid. He will tell you that he needs exactly four liters of Wiper Fluid – so make sure you use the exact amount. First, pour the No-Freez Wiper Fluid in to the Dog Dish. Now, pour the Dog Dish in to the cup. Finally, pour No-Freez in to the Dog Dish once again. This should leave you with four liters of Wiper-Fluid.

22. Head left back to Greg’s house. Enter the house, and walk up to Greg. Click the curtains and open them. He will mention that Manny was probably looking for his blanket, Tingy. Exit the house. Manny will pass you, driving a big truck. Chase after him!

23. Head left until you reach the Quik-Spin Laundromat. Enter the building. Head left until you reach Manny. Click on Manny. He will say ‘Tingy!’. Greg will come in and say that we need to get Manny home before his mom gets back from work.

24. Exit the building. You will see the Whirley Street Kids. Help Greg push the snowball. Just walk up to it, and it will do it automatically from there.

25. This is my favorite part of the island. Simply sled down the hill until you reach Greg’s house. Collect the medal and finish Poptropica Wimpy Wonderland Island.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Wimpy Wonderland Island.

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