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We are currently looking for a new live Poptropica help feature.  If you have any ideas or suggestions for live chat or help, please leave them in the comments below.

21 Responses to “Chat and Help”

  1. sadia says:

    how do you go past the video game

  2. JESSICA:) says:


    • marissa says:

      hello i am from guatemala, we talk spanish but i’m very good with english. let’s go to the point, i wanted to enter to my poptropica name called loud fly, but it told me this:ooops! you conected to poptropica but there was an error. please try again later or try on a different web browser. so, what can i do???

  3. marissa says:

    i need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i need help guy says:

    i need your help to get 5th birthday party outfit

  5. shyanne says:

    how to loosen all the gears on wild west island

  6. GUMMYBEAR says:


  7. bob says:

    i already have the stupid paper on shrin ray and it wont give me the stupid morse code thing through the stupid telescope

  8. hamed says:

    hi um i have this surfer dude outfit but i cant look exactly like him b-cuz like in the game it has no shirt on so i cant do that

  9. suhiab says:

    if you no any promo codes i whould apreciate u righting them down.

  10. brave Eye says:

    how can i get the phone on reality Island? Plz can u give me the ans? Plz I need ur help.

  11. qaz100369 says:

    Only 50 credits, because there are too many island…

  12. Justin Bieber says:

    Hey fans!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats up long time no see?????! I know you may be saying ” how justin bieber does not play poptropica!!!!” well i do. But im not giving my username though sorry šŸ™
    You can talk to me on twitter if you want i always reply!!!!!


  13. Angie says:

    I could not help noticing but aren’t the islands growing a bit too short?And the adventures are becoming to simple and easy? wheres the imaginative guy who started this whole thing up got to? The 1st islands where fantastic pronto

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